this is my favorite painting by Jorge Cocco Santángelo…one that Dave gifted me for Christmas last year

Here we are on our second Sunday of confinement.

It is strange not to have a church gathering to stake the day into place, and I am one of those people who loves going to church. But I have to say that I think last week was my favorite Sunday ever.

I woke up and fasted about some things that I have been worried about. I do believe that God wants us to “hear Him” and I know He has direction for me, especially at a time like this, if I will be still enough to listen.

Dave and I had a good little discussion in the morning as to how we wanted our Sunday to go. I’m so glad because we both had totally different ideas and I loved coming out of our bedroom with a plan that we both agreed on. We assigned the girls to read the Come Follow Me lesson on their own (I love that we have been given this “home centered church” plan over a year ago that makes for such a beautiful transition). We asked the girls to come to “family church” with something to share from what they read. AND THEY DID. And it was beautiful.

But back up, because Dave and I read it all carefully on our own too…and I texted the college kids and Josh to invite them to join us as well.

I closed myself in my bedroom and read my scriptures more fervently than I’ve read them before. I took notes and felt like I “heard Him” over and over and over again. I’m so grateful for the power of the Spirit. Here are just a few of my notes I wrote down from Jacob 1-5 (in the Book of Mormon) that I wanted to share:

  • Jacob 1:6 “and we also had many revelations”…loved thinking of how we, too, can have “many revelations” if we practice listening.
  • I loved Jacob 1:19 where it talks about “magnifying our office unto the Lord”…”teaching the word of God with all diligence” because I was fasting about some parenting things and those phrases just spoke to me at that moment. Parenting is such a beautiful way to try to understand how God loves us, and how to try to love others.
  • I thought the phrase “labor in sin” was interesting in Jacob 2:5, as a way to describe the times when we make mistakes.
  • Loved thinking about the phrase “pure in heart” in Jacob 3:2. What does that mean to me? Who do I know who I would describe as “pure in heart,” and how can I seek to purify my own heart in the way that God wants me to purify it?
  • I loved in Jacob 3 that it was filled up with love for their “enemies” at that time. To me it was filled with words to remind me that we can never judge anyone else, we are all coming from such different places.
  • Jacob 3:9 talked about remembering our own filthiness and that we all have so many sins upon us. Oh, I have made so many mistakes! I am so grateful for repentance and forgiveness. I want so much to turn my heart to God…so grateful for the opportunity to take the sacrament each week and renew my covenants with Him.
  • I LOVED Jacob 4:6 which spoke to me more than any other time: “Wherefore, we search the prophets, and we have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken.” Spoke to me so beautifully at this time when we need to obtain hope and keep our faith unshaken more than ever before.

Before we had church, Dave and I had a little huddle prayer together, asking for help and guidance as we embarked on this new unique kind of Sabbath.

And do you know what? It was one of my favorite church meetings ever. Love that Elle FaceTimed in to join us and chimed in her own thoughts as well. Loved how the girls took notes and shared from their hearts. And I love how that room we were sitting in turned sacred with love.

Ok, so now we have big shoes to fill after that good Sunday, we are trying to do the same thing today…I hope it doesn’t backfire on us! Quite possibly all the stars just aligned just right last week. Ha!

But I wanted to come here and say how grateful I am for the gift of the Sabbath.

A day to stop and connect and remember. Sending out some Sunday love.


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  1. Loved this! I felt last Sunday was also a “Holy one” for our family. I felt that way the first time we did Come Follow Me as well. I think change gives us the stirring to step outside of the “routine”and dig deeper into the why. I have seen the Lord’s fingerprints all around me during this transition time – and I am a firm believer that He is shaping us – sometimes more than we’d like – to be ready for Him to come. Change is how we do that.

    I have love your blog for years, and I felt especially grateful that you shared scripture insight from your studies this past week. Much to ponder and reflect on. Thank you.

    1. He is Shawny’s Brother. You can spot him from most brithday posts since he lives somewhere near Shawny and the Family. He is a teacher so I’d like to wish all the best for him. He always seems so devoted to his students so this must be difficult for him.

  2. In response to some comments that were not polite enough to leave here on this blog, please know that teenagers can make some very unwise decisions sometimes, despite their parents best instructions, and rest assured that when things like that happen, parents generally do the best they can to teach and create consequences to help them learn. Please also understand that kindness is the most precious commodity we have right now, and it is free for the taking!

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