We had a good Sunday. We were only one minute late for church…as opposed to the usual ten…or fifteen. We’re making great strides. Plus, this sounds funny but this morning we played musical instruments for a long time and loved every minute of it. Max played his cello, Elle played the violin, Grace and I played the piano…we tried to play the same songs semi-together, but ended up playing a bunch of different stuff all at the same time, which, I’m sure sounded awful but I think it’s going to be our new Sunday tradition. And then as I sat there at church trying to juggle two kids on my lap and everyone else clamoring to try to get what they wanted out of the “Sunday bag” I just couldn’t help but smile and soak it all in, because, hey, we were almost on time. The kids were actually pretty good and each kept all three of their “Sunday cookies” (they start out with three and gradually loose them if they’re not reverent). As Claire was sitting on my lap looking around during the sacrament prayer (she should have lost a cookie for that) she noted to me (with my eyes closed) “hey, there’s no one saying the prayer” (the person saying the prayer was out of view to her). Then there was a little pause and then she said, really quietly and incredulously, “is that Jesus?” I thought that was pretty cute.

Some of the kids:

Dave’s little sister Annie and her husband Dan were here last weekend. It was so fun to catch up with them. Now my sister and her family are here staying with us. Fun times. Here are Annie & Dan…always a big favorite with the nieces and nephews.We got to take care of Claire’s little cousin the other day because his parents were out of town. Oh I’m so thankful to have cousins around here. We are so lucky. Claire & Knox had so much fun together, especially on the trampoline.

Claire’s “I’m having fun” smile…always with tongue hanging out…

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  1. That’s so funny and cute about Claire. I remember so well, until I was about 6, thinking that Joseph Smith was saying the prayers. When I realized he wasn’t there in person, I thought they had just recorded his voice and played it every Sunday.

  2. how funny…jonah did kind of the same thing on sunday and darn it…i don’t remember exactly what it was in response too. all i remember is him saying, “hey, that’s heavenly father!” (in a not-so-quiet voice :))

    p.s. thanks for the thanksgiving treat! josh thought that was so sweet! he loves teaching clair!

  3. Now that is cute. I love that little Claire.

    Great idea having family playing music together time. I love that! We want a concert next time we see you. You all better practice, practice, practice!

  4. Hey shawni! Long time, no post! I have had no internet connection for weeks and while it drove me crazy, I kind of liked it. Anyway, got your comment tonight and this is what I had read. It was super simple, but it made me realize that my most important job right now was not the “dishes.” It is to love my children and if I am truly doing that then I am doing alright.

    Here it is…

    It was one of those heavy days where everything seemed in slow motion. A sink full of dirty morning dishes glaring in a pile, waiting for me to attend to. White tile floors with too many soggy cheerios drying tight with their milk glue. Two kids gone to school, one little guy home to need you. So much needed to be done, but my whole body was filled with that mind numbing sand that keeps you from quickness. You know, one of those days where you don’t dare pass by the couch or else you may get sucked in indefinitly. You know how the faster you try to run against a water current, the slower it seems you go. That was me.

    So I decided I needed some Norah Jones to accompany my chores. It had been a while since we visited, so I invited her.

    I started on those dishes when the little guy starts whining at my feet, arms held high in the air. Shhh boy. I’m listening to Nora. She’s helping me cope. He starts tugging – hard enough for me to lose my balance. What boy?


    It was literally an open arm invitation. So I scooped up that little one and decided to give in. I knew exactly what he was asking.

    We swayed and twirled and spun and swooped and I dipped. He laughed and squealed. Those dishes tried to ruin it once by sneaking into view, so I closed my eyes. Then I noticed how tightly the little one was holding on to me. I stopped fighting against the day’s current and decided to let it move me. Because that was a moment I was loving. We slowed our dance a little and he rested his head on my shoulder. After a while, I thought he may have fallen asleep so I glanced into a mirror for confirmation that he was.

    I saw the reflection of a mother holding her child. I am a mother.

    I said goodbye to Norah and we walked straight over and into that couch.

    The day seemed to move much lighter after that.

  5. I just left you a long comment and it didn’t work. Being too lazy and surrounded by hungry loud children, I will just paraphrase what I wrote, I miss your blogs! Hope to see a new one soon!

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