All our elementary girls tried out for the school talent show this year.

And they all made it.

I would have been mortified to dance or sing in front of the whole school when I was their age.

They eat that stuff up.

Claire and her friend sang “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Those two kindergartners were so darn cute up there on that big stage together:

Grace and her friend did a dance (completely choreographed by themselves) to “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.”
Elle and a group of other sixth grade girls did a skit kind of a thing. And gosh darn it, I only caught a few of them on the camera:
I was so proud of those girls because although they were excited beyond measure about it, they were also nervous as heck, and that is so good for them.

The plan was for Dave to go to the school performance and for me to go to the night one because, well, Lucy isn’t usually a good addition to things like this, and we were going to take turns staying home with her.

But in the end I couldn’t pass up going to both performances. Dave let me come to his on the condition that he could pretend like he didn’t know Lucy when she started on her own “performance” on the side-lines.

I LOVED being at that school filled to the brim with those kids clapping and whooping and hollering about all those numbers being performed. I’m a sucker but a couple times I must admit it actually made me tear up a little it was so cute how they all supported each other. I also felt so much love and appreciation as I looked across at a bunch of my friends I adore and who are second and third mothers for my kids through all this school stuff.

I also ADORE how whenever Lu and I walk into that school a group of kids gathers around Lucy like bees to honey. They all know and love her and they don’t care if she swats them away and won’t give them the time of day when she’s in one of her “moods.” I got the cutest picture of them all hoovering around her and then realized I had no memory card in so here’s the next best thing:

But my favorite pictures are on the sidelines. All these kids were waiting to perform their numbers and Claire had beckoned Lucy over to stand by her. They didn’t know my camera and I were watching, but we were:

The best part for the girls, of course, is that their Dad bought them flowers.
And Elle got to go to ice cream with her friends after.

Way to go, girls!

p.s. All but two of these pictures were taken at a 5000 ISO. Yes, 5000. Have I mentioned I love my new camera?

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  1. Flowers from Dad are the best!

    I think it's good for kids to get nervous, perform, and succeed…or not…it's all about the experience, right?

    Glad they did well!

  2. Love it! The lighting at their school looks fantastic!

    I cannot cajole, bribe or coerce any of my girls to participate in talent shows at school. I so wish they would because I think it is a great learning experience as well as tons of fun.

  3. I must admit, I found your blog a while ago and I love it! Thanks for all of the great parenting ideas- I don't have kids yet, but your blog makes me excited for that part of my life someday and I'm definitely keeping files of ideas and there are plenty from you in it!!

  4. How awesome the confidence that you have given your kids! Those pictures with Lucy made ME tear up, they are SO sweet!!

  5. hi Shawni, I am a mum of three girls and I loved seeing the pics of your girls having a hug. Amidst all the chaos, when I see my girls silently go to hold hands or cuddle each other when the other is upset, I feel like I'm on the right path. I love your blog and it inspired me to start my own.
    All the best, Moran

  6. Great pictures! How exciting for all the girls.
    I just got my first DSLR lastnight!! I am so excited to get out and start trying some new things today.

  7. I have been following your blog for a while ever since my sister turned me onto it. Somehow you both know people that know each other or something – I think it's a BYU connection or something. Anyway…… I always love to see your family photos and hear what you have been up to – but let me tell you, anyone can pose the kids and have them hug and smile for the camera and present it as a family (yours are always adorable too and I lvoe to see them) BUT the real truth lies in unknown moments, in moments that are captured when the camera is put away and people are not "on". Your photos of Claire and Lucy brought tears to my eyes, what LOVE. In those few pictures that you captured you managed to show the every day lessons and trials that each family goes through and how these girls lives are being shaped. What wonderful, wonderful photos. It warms my heart to know that there are kids like this in the world. Me myself would have never been caught dead letting my little sister hang out with me during a school presentation. You are doing a great job! Thanks for sharing such a private and touching moment on your blog.

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