Back here I wrote all about how I hope my teenagers will blab on and on and tell me everything in life like that girl I saw that day at the orthodontist’s office.

When I told Dave about my little experience he assured me that that mother was probably going crazy with all the blabbing.

But I still wanted it. I want to hear all the details. (And I loved all the tips on raising kids to share things left in the comments back in that post.) I so hope that my kids will always feel loved and accepted enough to tell me anything and everything going on in life.

Well, I think I got my girl:
This girl doesn’t stop. She rattles on and on about the most random things. Yes, at times I can see Dave’s point…sometimes I just need to have a quiet moment to think.

But most of the time that little rattling-off-stories-girl about melts me into a puddle. The way she situates her face just so to get out certain expressions and details. The way her bright blue eyes flicker with interest. The way her whole face squishes up into a smile when she says something silly. It’s all I can do not to stop everything and cradle her soft cheeks in my hands and look deep into those beautiful eyes and whisper, “I adore you.”

So that’s just what I do.

…except for when I’m trying to put out ten fires at the same time.

…which is a lot of the time.

But I’ll take what I can get 🙂

Now if she can just rub off on the rest of the kids…


  1. Hi Shawni!
    I have just been introduced to your blog and have connected with everything you share on here straight away. I am part of a children's entertainment group here in NZ… all of us sisters and Mums or (moms) and each fortnight we do a Mum Blog Spotlight, last week we did a spotlight on your blog and to say thank you we would like to send you and Lucy some of our Music. Our US team has sent you an e-mail to organise this. Check out our blog and the spotlight we did on your bog if you find the time. Thanks for sharing your world with us in such an inspiring way!

  2. I've got a talker who never ever stops chatting away. It drives her other sisters bonkers, but I adore it. The great thing about a talker is you always know what's up with them. No mystery.

  3. I've been reading your blog for awhile & never commented but I had to chuckle when I read this. My 'baby' is a freshman in college this year & we've always been very close. He calls me just about every day to chat about life – his friends, his classes & more. One of his friends asked him why he told his mom everything & his reply – "I don't tell her everything!" Oh really? But seriously, I love that he trusts me enough to tell me just about everything. By the way, I love your blog.

  4. I love my talker, I just have one girl she has some delayed development and never seemed to be a talker. About 2 months ago her mouth started going and she only stops to sleep and even then sometimes she is still talking. It is the sweetest sound to hear her outside my bathroom door talking because my hint I was going to the bathroom means to follow, not to stop.

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