I have been feeling particularly reminiscent lately as we prepare for Max’s graduation.  Since I am putting most of my blog ideas on the back burner so I can really “be there” with these kids right here and right now and enjoy this snippet of time that is fading away so fast, I figured a “TBT” (Throw Back Thursday) for a little while might be fun.  Here’s the third in that series and it was first posted back in 2010 back here.

It makes me in awe at how much has changed in these last almost-five years.  
Oh please stop, time!

I have so much in my mind I want to capture about life right now.

The little things like how good it feels to be back on a schedule as a family.

Or how Max and I are totally caught up with our challenge to read the Book of Mormon by October 10th. (Dave and Elle are lagging just a teeny bit, but I’m sure they’ll catch up too…they’re on it.)

I want to remember how Claire comes home from school, face flushed bright red from the heat…and she radiates not only that heat but complete excitement from school and how much she loves it.

And how amazing it feels to have a light at the end of the tunnel on my home organization stuff.

I love that we’ve started having our lunch dates again, and how Claire told me approximately 36 times that I was the best mom in the world when I took her out, and how I really hope that next time she’ll choose something other than McDonalds (I am NOT a McDonalds fan).

I want to forget how I was a horrible mom last week and took my kids to the Mall for Family Home Evening while Dave was out of town (Max has been in desperate need for something to clothe his ever-growing body and we never seem to be able to squeeze in a moment to remedy that). I had thought, mistakenly, that it would be a fun, serendipitous adventure but I quickly re-thought my brilliant idea when everyone was fighting in the car on the way and clinging to me crying while trying to check out at nearly 9:00 on a school night. Yeah, not a highlight of my mothering career.

And while we’re on the topic of “great motherhood,” I was so sad last week after I sent both Grace and Claire out to school crying because they were in trouble about something or another. I hate when that happens.

But back to the good stuff…I love how Lucy calls ponytails “pretty-tails” and I love the way she described the cactus outside our car window the other day as “gorgeous.”

I loved the feeling in the room when my nephew opened his mission call last week (he’s going to Argentina…we’re SO excited for him!).

I want to remember how Grace lamented to me how sad she was that Elle was moving out of Primary when she turned twelve because she will miss how they make funny faces at each other during singing time. And I want to remember the slow, knowing smile that spread across Elle’s face when I told her about that.

I love how Max glowed after his first couple days of volleyball and how Grace and Claire have started a new gymnastics class they are head over heels in love with…and how Claire calls the warm-ups “air conditioning” instead of “conditioning.” And how Grace and my eyes meet, twinkling, when we hear her say it.

Yes, there are so many little things that make the fabric of life so rich and rewarding. If I can only hold on to them in my brain that sometimes feels like a sieve. Even though they seem so be such little things, to me they are priceless.

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  1. I don't blame you for wanting to be "present" for your kids at this crazy important time in their lives! Being a mom comes first. I just have to say, my son is 5 years old and I know his graduation will be here before I know it. Time just flies… it's nuts. Congratulations on all of the milestones upon you and your family!
    "The Busy Brunette"

  2. Such sweet little moments with the little ones. Those are the little things we never want to forget. Like every time I wrap up my baby girl in her towel after bathtime, I call her "my little bean" because she is wrapped up so tight in a bean shape!

    I just love these moments. 🙂

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