I should really know by now not to promise to announce give-away winners on a Saturday morning.

Because really, blogging is the last thing on my mind when I’m trying to cajole kids to do their Saturday chores (happily…is that a myth that that happens?), and run girls to a whiz-bang gymnastics recital getting medical supplies first for one of them (Claire) who jammed her finger so horribly two days ago that she had tears streaming down her face even thinking of doing back handsprings across the stage (but she did it with flying colors), and trying to help one of my teenagers with a huge assignment due Monday amidst trying not to back over the neighbors bikes sprawled across our driveway and watch the first match of our high school team’s state volleyball championships (they won).

Phew, it was a nutty day (like most motherhood days are), but here I am unwinding as it draws to a close fresh from a quick date with Dave and greeting my teenagers straggling in from their latest adventures, needing to remember that in the midst of all this chaos all I’m really trying to do it teach these souls entrusted in my care to “fly.”

Which reminds me I have a give-away winner to announce.

Picked from random.org:

Sam and Carmin said…
I could use a book of inspiring mothers who offer insight into principled parenting!

Please send me your contact info. (to sepphotography at gmail dot com) and I will forward your name to the woman who will be sending you your own book (hopefully just in time for Mother’s Day).

I know so many people were inspired by that chapter I posted for the give-away (back here) as was I.  Remember you can get your own copy here: Choosing Motherhood: Stories of Successful Women Who Put Family First and thankfully for how speedy-quick Amazon is, you’ll still get it in time for Mother’s Day.

And quite a few people asked where they could get a copy of the beautiful painting that puts it all in perspective so well:

After my mother read us that chapter we all scanned the internet to see where we could buy our own prints.  We couldn’t find one to purchase anywhere.  My sister finally had the grand idea to just print it off from the Internet.  I think she used this link.

It’s just a small print.

But oh what a powerful reminder as I pass by it hanging on my wall each day how grateful I am that even through the heart-break and worry and sleepless nights involved in this business of motherhood, there is also jubilation and joy.

That painting reminds me that each day I get to do something sacred:  I get to do my best to teach human souls to fly.  


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