Within 20 minutes after pulling into our driveway after our weekend adventure in the mountains, the bags were all unpacked, stories were being read to the little girls by Elle, teeth were brushed, and the first load of laundry was whirling around in the washing machine. Boy oh boy this is getting fun to have kids that can help so much.

Ten minutes after that Lilly the hamster had been found (she had escaped while we were gone and Grace was freaking about visions of waking up in the middle of the night with Lilly gnawing on her ear. Needless to say Grace was pleased as punch to have that thing back safely in her cage), the girls were tucked in bed, Dave and Max were deep in planning out the stuff Max needed to re-pack for his big trip to basketball camp this week, and Elle had filled up the last of the hard drive with photobooth pictures.

Man I love having helpers.

We had the best, most relaxing weekend. Well, I guess not really relaxing because we were constantly on the move, golfing, playing tennis, swimming, at the gym, cooking, eating, etc., but for some reason being away and having to slow down a little brought me home from “Wit’s End”…at least for today. I’ll let the pictures do the talking ’cause I’m heading to bed.
Do you like how well I outfitted Grace for golf? Seriously who needs shoes to golf?
So much fun at the pool.
Wiffle ball.
Lucy started a love affair with golf balls. Seriously, these babies made her so darn happy.
These kids took washing the clubs very seriously.
That place is heaven. Thanks so much James & Christy!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am so impressed at that first paragraph. When I walk in the door from a trip, I need to unwind a bit! WOW! Looks like a super fun weekend. Barefoot golfing does sound fun, but knowing me, I would be whacking my feet with the clubs! LOL

  2. Hey SHawni…yes we are still on for July. I will email you this weekend and we can work out details.
    Great wedding photos! It’ll be our 10 year this year…where does the time go???????????????

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