Oh my word, so much to say about Christmas but until I sort it all out, let’s talk about Christmas lights.  
Because for some reason visiting the temple lights this year filled me up like never before.  
Not sure if it was because we hit it at the PERFECT time of evening when the sky was just as beautiful as could be and before the huge crowds hit…
…or maybe it was because I crossed a lot of things off my Christmas list that day and it just made me happy.

Or maybe it was just the glow of that beautiful temple reflecting on the faces of the people I love the most.

For whatever reason it was a pretty perfect night.

The girls always get excited to see my picture there at the visitors’ center 🙂

We never get to see the nativity collection because the lines are so dang long, but this time we got to go in and see them and we loved all those unique nativities from all over the world:

 (Maybe that Napal one was my favorite…)

Such a good way to remember the real reason for the season.


  1. So pretty. My aunt and uncle live in Mesa, and though we are not LDS, we would go see the lights at the temple when we would visit them every year growing up. Now I'm in my 30s, and I haven't thought of that in years! Thanks for posting these pics.

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