It was so weird not only not to have someone graduating this year, but also not to be running around back and forth from school tennis matches to volleyball games all spring.  We’ve done that for so many years we were kind of in autopilot mode, but this year track took over (back HERE), along with tennis lessons.
I mentioned this before, but Grace decided rather than do the high school “practice team” like she did last year, she would work on her tennis skills to be ready to come out even stronger next season.
Dave was the one who took this and ran with it (he’s so great at helping these kids with sports), and he got Claire and Grace both going.  They were at these clinics twice a week all spring.
Sometimes they came home glowing, and other times they came home dragging and huffy.

Still, with all those early evenings on the tennis courts I wasn’t sure how much they were really learning.  I mean, they complained as most kids do, and we didn’t sign them up for any tennis tournaments.

That’s why all the tennis jazz up in the mountains with Dave’s family was that much more exciting (I wrote about that in the end of this post back HERE), because as I sat there and watched those girls of mine from the sidelines I realized they can play!  Sure, they still have a lot to learn, but there is something quite exhilarating about watching your child really “get” stuff like that.  They know how to serve.  They are good at coming up to the net.  They could hit that ball, sometimes even with a little spin, and they could keep up with Dave’s family…which is saying a lot.  (There are some serious athletes among those cousins, and my kids have my genes running through them which is not an advantage in the sporting world.)

My heart was swollen up so big watching them on that court up there in that beautiful place.

Oh man I love tennis.

I better kick into gear and start taking lessons myself if I’m going to keep up with these girls of mine 🙂


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