Tennis season is over.  Volleyball not yet (state starts this weekend).  
Oh boy it’s been a crazy season, and a really great one too.  
I’ve sprinkled pictures of the season through the recent blog posts, but here’s a little wrap up.
This girl of ours played in the #3 Varsity spot all season.
She’s come a long way from this little whippersnapper way back when:
She played #1 doubles with her awesome partner Emma.
She always has a big gigantic smile when she plays doubles.  I think she likes that one the best 🙂
She had some great cheering sections this season.

And Dave and I (and Emma’s parents) scored when we found shady spots like this one to take in the games:

Each week we parents rotate bringing snacks and drinks.  I don’t know why I have a picture of this one in particular, maybe because this mom went all out.

Love these pictures the girls took:

I took this picture on the last day of the regular season.

I walked away from there a little melancholy.  So sad to see it end, but so fun to look forward to next year.
After the regular season we had two different versions of state.  Team state where only the Varsity team plays first to five.  We lost, dang it.  But we still had singles and doubles state.  
Here’s Elle with the #1 singles Varsity player who she became such good friends with this year:

They had their closing tennis banquet at a restaurant in NYC.

Ha!  Gotta love that mural.
Then these girls geared up for the next segment of State.
Elle and Emma made it through the first three rounds up to the quarter finals.  I talked all about the crazy third round amazing come-back back HERE.
Then it was the quarterfinals clear out in tim-buck-two.  They played against this doubles team who they had split matches with before (they won one and lost one).  They are good players those two.  
But so are our girls so we were so hopeful.
They came out weak in the first set, came back pretty strong in the second but couldn’t quite take it.

Dang it!

But we were pretty proud of these girls.  Kind of fun to do as well as they did with so many amazing tennis players in the valley.

We lingered for a while watching some pretty spectacular tennis.  Wow there are some great players out there.  Three sets of mirror twins, one set with a guy who was 6’10”, one set of Freshman twins who took state (they are going places I tell you!).

Oh boy.

Thanks girls for giving us such a great season.

Can’t wait for next year!!

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  1. Didn't you mention a long time ago that Elle was diagnosed with scoliosis? Ever since then I've wondered how she is doing, but maybe it's something you don't want to talk about here, or Elle doesn't want you to, idk it's completely up to you, I'm just curious how that turned out. Have a nice day 🙂

  2. SUCH a great year! So happy for her progress and for the confidence she has gained this year…especially as she storms the court with that cute Emma! Now on to Volleyball!

    Love it!

  3. That is my GAL,
    And my tennis prodogy,
    And boy oh girl do I love to hit tennis balls with her!
    Onward El. Next year's state champ!

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