Grace had a pretty great school tennis season.

I loved watching her from various school court sidelines as she worked so hard and learned so much.


Loved this awesome coaching duo:

They were fabulous.

 And it was fun that Elle’s old coach came to watch one of the tournaments:

 Here’s her doubles partner from the year:

…and so many other great girls:

I had to leave this one early to take the soccer carpool, but Dave switched off with me and was able to catch a pretty awesome doubles win from Grace.  The whole team did awesome and I loved the pic he sent:

Because the schools were closed (due to the teacher strike) when the final banquet was supposed to be held, they were looking for alternate locations.  So we lucked out to have that thing at our house.  It was the night I got home in just the nick of time from helping my big kids in Utah (back HERE), and when I got home (literally five minuted before the coaches arrived), Grace had the whole thing all set up.
She rocks.
We scrambled around to find some quick center pieces and luckily we had some beautiful blooming yellow bells in our yard so we got them all set up speedy-quick.
Love that girl.
The banquet was such a great season wrap-up.
Loved seeing Grace’s smiling face through the crowd:

Those coaches really are fabulous and made everyone feel so honored.

 ANd I don’t have a good picture of this, but see this girl below:

She is so darling, the only senior on the team, and gave out the cutest, most thoughtful and funny awards for each girl. 

That was a highlight for sure.

Nothing quite like high school sports. 

And tennis is such a fun one.  Kind of sad to wrap it all up and say goodbye.  But Grace will still be practicing hear heart out…there are a ton of really, really good juniors who will all be seniors with Grace next year, and only six varsity spots available so it’s going to be interesting to see how it all pans out.  Crossing our fingers she gets to do this again!

Love you Grace Jam!


  1. Grace ALWAYS looks so happy in your pics! Love her attitude!
    Really random: what kind are the extra round tables you're using for the banquet? I'd love that option (vs boring rectangle) if I could find something similar!

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