Elle just wrapped up her sophomore year of tennis.
I always love to watch tennis.  
But to have your daughter playing it makes it kind of dreamy.  
Here she is with my sports watching partner this season (we have been running like crazy from volleyball to tennis for the last few months and Lu has been a trooper most of the time to be my sports-junkie side-kick).

 Nana and Papa got to come to a few games and Char and Josh got to come support too.

We have spent lots of time right here:

 …and traveling all around the city to different high schools

…watching some pretty awesome matches right into the “golden hours.”

Elle has this knack of letting herself get a little behind and then coming back for the win which makes it especially fun to watch.

The greatest thing is that she and her doubles partner got to go to state (they were in the number one spot for their school).

They are the cutest tennis girls ever in my opinion.

We call them “L” and “M.”

Emma is number one on their team and is a Freshman so they were a pretty young team.

We hoped they’d win a few (it was single elimination) but didn’t have huge high hopes since they were playing seeded teams.

But they advanced through the first two rounds!!  It was SO exciting!

My Dad, being the tennis lover that he is, drove to town from my brother’s house in California where he was helping with that sweet new baby.  He had to come watch this granddaughter play:)

Here they are with Olivia, the number one singles player who went to state with them.  

Elle has a teeny bit of a height difference 🙂

We were so excited they went as far as they did and it makes us so excited

After that we found out their whole team qualified for state in a separate tournament.

They played the second seeded team in the state.  We once again geared up for a quick loss (are we horrible or what?  Just trying to be realistic).

Much to the other team’s surprise, we ended up splitting the singles and doubles sets and it came down to Elle and Emma’s doubles match for the tie-break win.  First to get to ten.

Elle and Emma were behind 3-6 at the beginning but kept gaining and gaining on them, broke a few serves and came back to tie it up.  Dave was dying cause he had to leave early so here are my texts to him:

This is how dark it was by the end.  I couldn’t believe they could even see that ball.

Yowzas it was sure a great game.

Here are Emma’s parents I got to sit by all season.  They are such great people.

It was a great way to wrap up a great season.

Makes me excited for next year!!

Way to go, L and M!


  1. Super cute tennis outfits Elle's team has. It just occurred to me today that if your schedule is busy…well your parents and in-laws must really have a busy calendar! All the Grandparents are so supportive of your children, I can only imagine they do the same for as many of their other Grandchildren as possible. That is some busy schedule with all the Grands the four of them have.

  2. Oh my heck these girls are amazing! I totally missed that last bit. Loved the texts. Sorry they lost but what a fight! Congrats L and M!

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