Well, it looks like all the prayers sent our way paid off because I think Lucy qualified for preschool. It takes two weeks for the whole review process to run through the system, but all signs point to yes at this point. Thanks for all the good vibes…we felt them coming in thick.

I was thankful almost to the point of tears in the evaluation as I sat surrounded by five amazing specialists who totally knew their stuff. One was giving me interesting tid-bits about vision loss and how to help. Another was analyzing Lu’s cognitive abilities, another was getting her laughing doing a beanbag toss. They pointed out to me things that Lucy does that I hadn’t even noticed before. And I sat there and thought: “this is exactly what Lu needs.”

So the fact that I think she qualified makes me SO happy….and also a teeny bit uneasy.

Maybe the uneasiness is due to the fact that I haven’t signed anything yet and details are still up in the air.

But I think it’s mostly because she’s my baby. My last baby. And I really really really really like her…a lot. She’s genuinely so fun to be around these days (most of the time). She’s learning by leaps and bounds and I love to watch her soak it in. I’ve never sent another one of my kids to preschool or Joy School so young. And your baby is the one you’re supposed to cling on to with all your might until the state says you have to let her go to Kindergarten.

And then I think about what an opportunity this is for her to grow and develop as she should with a team that can help both of us more than we can even comprehend right now. And that makes me feel a lot better.

So thanks again for sending prayers. Thank you thank you thank you.

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  1. i am SO happy!!!!!! you really needed this. this will be so great for you and your family. jenna was in this same program in california as a "normal" child and it was an amazing experience for her and the other children. i am just so thrilled for your sweet family.

  2. I'm so happy for you! I truly hope that she is in!

    I think evaluations are hard – at least for me. I generally know the outcome before they start, usually it's doing more exercises, therapy, sometimes more bad news, etc. I always feel a bit sad and overwhelmed, maybe because it's another confirmation that it isn't a bad dream (even though I know it's not), but on the flip side, I'm inspired by those who genuinely care about my child, and know that the more care and therapy is there, the earlier the intervention and hopefully things will be slower at progressing. I've seen it with Tyler, and you'll see it with Lucy.

    My love for my Tyler has grown exponentially in seeing my little boy fight through exercises,surgery, pain and challenges, and I know your feelings towards Lucy are the same. She has a wonderful, sweet, loyal family and a mom and dad who love her tons.

    What a lucky bunch!

    BTW – I was at Education Week on Friday and was in the Bookstore and sad I wasn't able to see you. You'll just have to write another book! 🙂

  3. You are going to love the program. Claire made so much progress at that preschool. We love them. Tell Mrs. Smith "hi" from Claire Greene.

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