As I sit here this morning trying to finalize my lesson for the girls at church my heart just keeps swelling and I keep getting distracted because of a few emails (and blog comments) I received about #LIGHTtheWORLD yesterday.  The “theme” was “Jesus helped others to see and so can you” and there were these suggestions:

I just have to thank those who reached out to write a sweet note or to donate to Families Fighting Blindness.  The truth is that we are really struggling with this right now, and it meant so much to us.  I had a few friends Instagram about Lucy and her light, even as the light her eyes can see with is starting to dwindle more rapidly, the light others pour into her helps her shine.  And that means the world to us.  Dave and I have decided we better match the donations that came in yesterday as our own contribution to the service initiative so THANK YOU so very much for helping the BBS community.

Today the theme is here:

Watch the short video here:

I am teaching about a Christ-centered home in church today and I feel like this theme goes perfectly with the lesson.

Because isn’t worshipping God making Christ our focus in life after all?

I just watched this video, so now I’m a mess because I love it so much.

How I hope I can help these girls remember (and that I can remember too) that it is in remembering what matters most that we put Christ in the center of our homes.  I have so many more thoughts to share on that topic since I have a post half-written about that very thing I spoke about at a Women’s Conference last month.

But for now I’m just leaving these quick thoughts on a Sunday morning… and one more humble thank you for the love people share with Lucy.  

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  1. Lucy has inspired me, all the way over in Australia, to be thankful for my sight and to use my gifts to their full extent (by donating and also taking part in #Lighttheworld) so I think she shines very bright and will continue to do for a long while, with or without her eye sight. Hope this Christmas season is one to remember for you all xx

  2. This is so awesome! so I had a question and i know you have no idea who I am but I wanted to ask how do you decide which countries you want to visit? there are so many awesome ones its hard to narrow it down! also have you ever considered visiting Finland? They say the North Pole is there and they have a whole village and everything, just wanted to share that with you!

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