We got around to making our traditional November “thankful tree” last night for Family Home Evening.

Yep, the one where I sit around and hog all the artistic duties because I’m a control-freak like that.

Ok, not really, but I do get a little picky about how it’s done, and I hate when we don’t have enough various colors for the leaves in our craft drawer (totally missing the yellow this year…gotta round some up tomorrow).

This year I braced myself and let the kids take a little more control. I even let Elle do the writing. Didn’t she do awesome?

We are “supposed” to add a few leaves each day ’til it’s all full on Thanksgiving but last night we went a little hog-wild thinking of all the things we’re thankful for. Sure, it took me asking the kids to get the markers out and write down their thankful things 42 times before it actually happened, but when they finally registered that a human being was actually talking and not just a broken record they got down to business and our kitchen filled up with that goodness that only togetherness can bring.
There’s still lots of room for more leaves. (They’ll be yellow ones from here on out 😉

We have so much to be thankful for. I LOVE November because it reminds us to ponder that more often.

…and I’m kidding about that control freak thing…kind of.

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  1. I LOVE that idea! I think I'd like to make a thankful tree a new tradition in our home. What a cute family you have! Tell Elle I said hi! Oh, and you are going to do such a great job with all those girls in YW! You are going to love it!

  2. so cute! I want to do one of these!
    we are hosting our 1st Thanksgiving because my brother & family will be here. My girls are making placemats for everyone with their handprints as turkeys! so cute!

  3. We do this too for Thanksgving. I am like you and have to have equal amounts of the fall colors, you need the yellow in their to make it pop and shine. Your tree looks great, haven't made my tree yet so we've been putting our leaves on the brown kitchen door for now. Love our thankful month every year.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. I attended the TOFW in Las Vegas and enjoyed you and your mom so much that I decided to peek at your blog! You were both so real about what life is really like and it was so refreshing! Thank you for putting into perspective what is important and sharing your wonderfully creative ideas! I came right home and for FHE we came up with the words that we wanted to represent our family. I too love your Thanksgiving tree idea and must borrow it! Thanks again!

  5. What a wonderful idea! And thanks so much for your blog. It's my favorite one and I feel so uplifted when I read it. Looking forward to hearing you at TOFW in SLC!

  6. We have a thankful "poster" on our fridge that we add to everyday. I was going to post about it but now that I've seen your fancy tree I might be too embarrassed!! LOL your tree is so cute! Ours is a white poster board! It's a great activity though- my kids love it.

  7. I love your idea!

    This reminded me of your framed family tree in your posting about what is on your walls. I want to get the kit for myself and for some gifts for Christmas this year. Do you happen to know if the kit is still available or where to get it? I don't want to just copy it if it can be purchased. Thanks SO much!!!

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