We started our traditional “Thankful Tree” on the first FHE in November.
It’s gradually gaining more and more gratitude leaves each day.
Hopefully it will be all filled up like it was last year by Thanksgiving.
Oh man I love November.  So much to be grateful for!

So this Monday we decided to gather to make Max up his own “Thankful Tree” to send on over to Taiwan.

Now, before you picture this all sweet and calm, just know that it was actually like herding cats to get everyone in the kitchen and I had to give everyone the business quite a few times.

Let’s keep it all real.

BUT once we got going we were on a roll.  I mean, Max needs something to add his gratitude to along with us, and traditions run strong in this family of ours.

And oh how grateful we are for that boy, figured we’d let him know.

We also figured we better let his mission president and his wife know how GRATEFUL we are for them as well.

I mean, I cannot express how it feels to have the security of knowing there are tremendously good-to-the-core people watching over your son while he’s so far away.

We know they have made lots of sacrifices to do what they’re doing over there in Taiwan, so we sent them some “hands” to thank them for their “helping hands” for our boy.

And here’s the finished product of our “Max Thankful Tree:”

 (Max, I hope you’re not looking at this…)

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  1. Shawni, I just wanted to say thank you for blogging all these years. As a young mom, it's refreshing to read about family traditions and thoughts on personal improvement and family unity instead of the latest mommy fashion trend and newest product I should be buying and posed photos of toddlers behaving perfectly ;0 haha. So thank you!!

  2. Please post more ideas of how to support a missionary! My son will be leaving next summer and I would love your ideas. You're about a year ahead of me in the parenting department (except that my youngest of 5 is only 6) and I have gotten so many ideas from you over the years!

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