I’m pretty sure that over Thanksgiving I really turned a corner on becoming the “favorite aunt.”  
Because really, let’s think about it for a minute, what kid doesn’t want an aunt to pull them away from all the fun stuff they’re doing together and boss them around so she can take pictures all the time?  
I mean, kids love that right?


I kid.  Of course.

And really, we did bond over Thanksgiving.  But not necessarily out of me making them run pose for pictures 😉 

I’m sure they’ll thank me for it one day though.

 Or maybe not but maybe their parents will? 

How I love these nieces and nephews…and siblings of mine!!  And how we missed the ones who couldn’t make it! 

We had 34 for Thanksgiving dinner.

That was much less than our over fifty with Dave’s family the last couple years.

But in many ways it seemed like more because instead of everyone bringing their portion of the meal that they made at their own homes, all 34 of us we bundled up in the kitchen cooking our hearts out after we got home from the Turkey Trot.

(Ok not really all of us, but sometimes it felt like that!!)

Even the kids were cooking:

 …and preparing:

 As my Dad busied everyone making the “thankful list” on the sidelines.

It was a whole slew of hustle and bustle tripping over kids and vying for counter space but I loved it and will never forget it.

There were table-setting helpers:

Gratitude helpers:

And then it was time to serve up:

At the adult table we did what we have done with Dave’s family before and had everyone write one of the things they are very most grateful for this year on a little piece of paper the girls put next to their plates.

We had everyone put their papers in a bowl and read them and guessed who said what, which led to a gratitude discussion that I loved.  Led to the “language” of the gospel which should be a post all on it’s own.

And then, after all the incessant begging from the kids (haha), I finally pulled out the good old backdrop and we took “photo booth” type pictures.

…as the light faded turning the sky to pink and purples.


Why in heaven’s name am I so tall??

Missing Charity so much!!

My brothers, like the kids, were fighting for time but somehow I never got them there, dang it!!

Got my girls though:

…and these great families:

Then it was time for pie:

…and bday celebrating:

And then rushed out the door to see Wonder.

One of the best movies I’ve seen which spoke to me in so many ways but was a little too close to home in many ways and sure left Dave and I with lots to think about.  Some day I will do a post about that when enough time has passed and I can express my emotions correctly.
We came home and watched a video of the reunion at Bear Lake last summer my nephew had made…

 …talked, played some games…

And just like that, Thanksgiving 2017 was all over.

This is how the tree ended up by the end:

 Filled with just a tiny fraction of the abundant gratitude we felt.

All those people we were surrounded by all day (including Dave’s family at the turkey trot and the ones who couldn’t make it) were the tops.
And these guys are the tippy-top:

 Along with Max who we adore and are limping along until we get to hug him in fifty-five days.

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  1. Could you please let me know what you use for the "photo booth" backdrop, and what equipment you use (lighting, reflectors, etc) to achieve no shadows and great lighting! Where would you recommend to set up the booth for inside photography? Thank you for any tips you can offer!

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