Whoa sorry that last post was a little down in the dumps…kind of a rough couple days on the vision front and I apologize.  It’s kind of weird but I feel so much support and love from this little corner of the Internet that I feel comfortable enough to share that stuff here.  Thank you for all the love we feel that is sent Lucy’s way.

But let’s talk about something more positive for pete’s sake.  Because there’s some pretty cool stuff coming up to combat all that “blurriness” around here.  And sometimes it just feels good to DO something rather than basking in the blurriness.  “Get in that arena” you know?  And I love that we have something that helps to DO something to help the future of all BBS kids.  
Yep, you guessed it, the TURKEY TROT is coming up once again, and we are gearing up like nobody’s business.
And getting pretty excited amidst the mayhem.
We have a new 2017 website: gilbertturkeytrot.com

Those are just screenshots, click HERE for the real-deal.
And we even have a new Families Fighting Blindness website this year so we’re excited about that.  
(Click HERE see the real-deal on that one.)
My sis-in-law Kara is the mastermind behind both of those, so serious kudos to her…love her!
Elle made a video to help promote that I love too:

Sooooo, bottom line is that this is something we can do that does make a difference.  
So much better than sitting around wringing our hands in sorrow.  The money we have been able to raise in past Turkey Trots has helped get the BBS Clinical Registry off the ground and that is a huge deal for everyone who suffers with BBS.  Over 300 BBS individuals have now joined that registry, providing a whole pool of people for researchers to study and try to find solutions.  Clinical trials are in the works and the future looks brighter because of people like you who have donated and helped through the years.  
If you’re local, sign up to come run with us!  It is such a fun way to spend Thanksgiving morning with your whole family, whether you walk with strollers and toddlers in tow or do some hard-core running.  And we’d love to see you.  Sign up is HERE.  
If you can’t join us, there’s a “donate” button specifically for Families Fighting Blindness on that new whiz-bang website (HERE) if you’d like to help.
But whether you donate or not, I’m here to THANK YOU, because even a word of encouragement here and there means the world. 

Thank you for sending love to Lucy and for coming along on this journey with us in many ways.


  1. Don't apologise for the previous post! I can imagine how hard it is and those feelings are valid! I'm feeling with you and Lucy!

    I am also glad that you feel your blog audience are people you want to share with, because it's the other way round, too. So many people feel like they know you.

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