We totally switched up the 4th this year.
The BBS conference was in Utah so close to the 4th, and we had to be here after for the reunion anyway.  So we turned in our breezy traditional walk to the golf course to watch fireworks with friends in Coronado for packing into this giant stadium to celebrate “Stadium of Fire” style.
And boy howdy, although part of our hearts were reaching out to California and all that we love so much there, that stadium event sure didn’t disappoint.  I have never in my life seen quite such a display.
But let’s back up for just a sec.
We spent the afternoon in Provo, exploring our old (and Max’s current) stomping grounds.
We headed to the creamery, got my most favorite ever sushi, and then headed here to let the celebrations begin:

Met up with some friends before it started…my friend from old BYU days and her son who will be Max’s roommate in the Fall.

Love Brigitta 🙂

Then we packed in.  And when I say “packed,” it was a little like sardines.  We all thanked our lucky stars the people in front of us didn’t show up so these two big guys could spread their legs a tad:
This is how we looked all cozy:

(Loved that Dave’s sister and my brother could join us.)

Here’s a little snippet to bring you into the ambiance of that place:

They pulled out all the stops I tell you…more and more excitement just kept coming at us!  Jets flying over, music, dancing, competitions, etc.

…a little parade:


…check out these pogo stick guys amidst all the other hoopla:

There were all kinds of bike tricks mixed in there too.

And then the concert began. 

It was One Republic.

And they didn’t disappoint either.

…then more crazy stunts and dancing:

…including night skydivers lighting up the air above us.

They just continued to wow us.

And then the fireworks began.

Like I said, it was non-stop “wow-ness” going on all night long.

Even Lucy, who had been a little huffy walking in with such a gigantic crowd on such a hot evening, sat mesmerized the whole night.

I love that Elle happened to FaceTime from Jerusalem in the middle of it all and we got to share some of the fireworks with her too…our whole family huddled in those bleachers mesmerized by that show.

It was like the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, all these different songs with fireworks “dancing” to them.

(Interesting song choice up there…)

And then they ended with this:

…and this:

(love that song)

As we flowed out of that stadium surrounded by family, running into friends here and there, talking over all that magic, I just felt so grateful.


  1. My dad owns Firestorm Pyrotechnics which does those fireworks! Funny to see a post with some appreciative words about them on a blog I've been reading for ten years! But I'm going to have to talk to him about choosing Thriller as one of the songs haha. Glad your family enjoyed the Stadium of Fire.

  2. I went to the Stadium of Fire in 1986 & couldn't believe how fantastic it was.

    There were many members of the Osmond family there & as an Osmond fan it made it extra-special for me. x

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