So we got back from California on Saturday so Max could be home in time for his homecoming talk in church the next day.

Plus, a bunch of my family was coming down for a few days to see Max and be there for the homecoming so we were anxious to get back and see them.  My parents were already staying at our house so they were set to come pick us up.

I don’t know why in the world I didn’t put it together, but I had no clue they were going to surprise us and ALL be there at the airport waiting for us to come out.  It was a second airport reunion for Max, and it was so fun to have them all there…like “groundhog day”from the week before.

Even in the exact same location where we had that first grand reunion (back HERE).

 Ahhh, so great to see everyone all reunited.

And you can’t very well do something special like finishing a mission without the “Eyre Fire” cheer from my family:

haha…I’m sure all the other airport people were amused…or annoyed:)

Loved the posters the cousins made:

 Max with the boys:

 Max with the girls:

Check out all these cute and interested cousins:

Let’s get a little better look at that poster:

And this one…Cubby put the symbol on the wrong side so he just put an arrow to the other corner to make it right:

 Loved that.

The “babes” were back together:

 And two of three of “group 1″…hooray!

So grateful all these siblings drove all that way with their kids to be with us for that special weekend.

We came home and ate and sat around and talked and talked.

 Then Max showed them a few pictures from the mission and explained a lot more about Taiwan…

…to a mesmerized audience.  Ha!

I loved, loved, loved the feeling in that room.  Love and spirit-filled thick and beautiful as everyone asked lots of questions and were in awe at Max’s Chinese at the end (I requested that he share his feelings in Chinese 🙂  Here is the end of the Chinese:

After that, Ashton showed us all the video he made from the reunion last summer that Max had missed (Grace too but she had seen it).  Loved reminiscing those great summer memories!

 And then:  cookies.

Because an Eyre gathering isn’t really an Eyre gathering without those puppies.
We tucked everyone into every nook and cranny of our house, and one family slept at Josh’s house, and we were pretty happy about being all together here in the desert.
All together to celebrate this returned missionary we love so much.  So grateful these three extra siblings and their families as well as my parents could come and that Josh already lives here and that we could feel the love from everyone else…Dave’s family included, through emails and texts.  

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