After a Thanksgiving filled up to the brim with a packed Turkey Trot (it was my favorite yet, so much to come back to report soon), a packed house (so many people I love), packed with food and activities and so much love, I lay in bed last night, exhausted, Dave exhausted already sleeping beside me, and found this beautiful message my sister had sent.

It is by Tina Lewis Rowe:

And for some reason that little beauty welled up my emotions in such a beautiful way (Saydi always finds the best things to share, and I’m so grateful!). It wasn’t just the beauty of a “common rock” “normal day,” but all of a sudden I had such a swell of gratitude and I was just overcome with the beauty of that day: Thanksgiving. A day to reflect on what is most important in life.

And here we go on to Christmas…

I’m not quite ready.

I want this gratitude feeling to seep into my “normal days” more.

I guess Christmas brings that gratitude as well.

Just feeling so grateful.

I want to say how grateful I am for YOU, this blog audience who has stayed with me and buoyed me up over the years. Sending out love to you wherever you are and in whatever trenches you may find yourself in. I hope you will find the light. And feel the love.


p.s. My girls and I will be sharing a “favorite things” list in the next couple days if you’re looking for good Christmas gifts for those you love, so stay tuned!

But for now, just sending out some gratitude into the world!

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