The other Saturday Dave and the kids were giving me the business that I don’t use the pool enough…and they were right.  So Claire and I went right out and had a little swim and we were both pretty happy about it.  I think we need to bring back Tuesday Night Swim Club (the kids and I used to all hop in and do a bunch of laps on Tuesday nights…back HERE…back before teenagerhood took over our house).

I sure like that girl:)
I got Claire to help me try to capture that beautiful water to work on my photo skills.  I need to take a brush-up class some time.  If anyone has any ideas, send them my way.
It was fun to try to capture how beautiful that water is though.

 I love how it clings if you can capture it real quick.

Ok, and then I have a great link for anyone trying to battle clutter like we always do at our house.  It’s  a little “Clutter-Buster Kit” from Power of Moms and it’s free through the end of tonight.  And the link with more info. is HERE.

SO go sign up and enjoy busting through that clutter 🙂  I’ll have to come back and report on how mine goes.



  1. My absolute favourite in this series is the first one of the hair-flick group… Claire's hair and the water merge seamlessly and the only thing that shows where one ends and the other begins is the change of colour… even the textures flow one into the other. A gorgeous shot.

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