It feels so surreal that this week is here:

The week where my baby is graduating from the elementary school all five of my babies have attended since kindergarten.  And the week when my THIRD child is donning her black cap and gown, ready to fly off into real life. 

I think black is a good color for graduation since I’m in mourning.  Ha!  Not ready.  It’s too fast.  Too much going on.  Too many things bombarding me for my time.  So this blog is a little bit therapeutic helping me come to grips with the state of things for a minute here 🙂
I’m just going to focus on Sunday for a minute.  Because it was a full day I tell you!  I taught a lesson at church, one of Grace’s first friends had a missionary farewell (he’s heading to Australia, Chinese speaking, woohoo!), we had Baccalaureate (my very favorite part of the whole graduation festivities because the music is quite simply fabulous and makes me cry every time).  And then seminary graduation was that night.  
This Freshman of mine I think is going to be hit the hardest with Grace graduating.  They have had such a fun year together.

Love all these kids:

 Who kept coming:

 And coming til they all fell over hugging in:)

We had to recreate this picture:

 Because we had this one of all their older siblings three years ago:


Part of the village of people who helped raise Grace:

Student council graduating seniors:

Grace said at our extended family grad party last night that student council has been her very favorite part of high school.  So glad she’s been able to do that over the last couple years. And so glad for these good people she got to work with.

Wish I could hold onto her forever:

That hair!

 Grace did not get it from her mother, dang it!

 All these kids are heading to Hawaii next year:

Isn’t that wild??

Ok, then it was back for a quick dinner and off to seminary graduation:

Seminary is a “released time” class they take in high school to learn more about Jesus Christ and study the scriptures.  Love that she had the opportunity to learn so much from those great teachers.

This is Grace’s future Hawaii roommate.  She doesn’t know her well, but loves her already.  It was fun to meet her!

Dave kept leaving for the parent pics, but glad I got to snuggle my girl up a little extra at the end:

These kids have been living up their senioritis this week, here they are gathering up after all that hoopla on Sunday to figure out how to really live up their last week.


  1. Congratulations to Grace and to her parents. Happy wishes for much success in college (and fun too, it is Hawaii afterall!). Ours graduates in a month, teary-eyed seeing your photos. I so get it. My youngest has 4 more summers at home til he turns 18…so I totally understand how you feel. Moms are kindred spirits. Have a mindful summer.

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