Ok, so speaking of my parents, I need to post about them before the day is through.

Because just look at these guys!

Do they exude light or what?

I adore them.

Not only did they take parenting their own kids very seriously, they have taken GRANDparenting to the next level.

Which I, on a personal level, am becoming more and more enthralled with since I’m joining the ranks of grandparenthood in a matter of a month or two!

Being an incredible grandparent doesn’t mean they get their noses in our business. Or try to control.

In fact, one of the things I love very most about them is that when I was in the throes of parenting all my little ones, and I would ask for advice (I mean, they are “parenting experts” after all!) they would say, “Oh, you’re just doing it all so much better than we ever did!”

How’s that for encouragement? It made me feel like I really could do all that jazz after all.

They believe in me.

They believe in my kids.

And that is such a gift.

They have started a “grand-parenting course” so I wanted to pass it along.

Family happiness comes when we work on our relationships.

The relationships with our children and one with our parents.

When they are both good relationships, it also connects the grandparents to the kids to form a third relationship that really matters.

My parents (Linda and Richard Eyre, who I have to brag and say are among the best-selling parenting authors of the last 40 years), have now turned their attention to teaching proactive, parent-connected grandparenting and to helping parents and grandparents form more powerful 3-generation families.

So go get your parents (or YOU if you’re a grandparent yourself!) registered at grandparenting101.com and make life better for them, for you, and for your kids!

The first zoom class actually starts TODAY, so hustle on over there to check it out.

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  1. I took their grandparenting course that just ended in February, it was awesome, they covered all the important aspects of being a grandparent, I am going to peek in on some of the classes this time around too, I highly recommend it!!!

  2. Their grandparent class is wonderful! I took their first grandparenting class and I’m also going to sit in on this next round. I’ve hung with your parents (through all their books) since the Joy School days and consider them to be my personal teachers. I’ve learned so much from them over the years! Best teachers ever…

  3. “Oh, you’re just doing it all so much better than we ever did!” What a brilliantly helpful thing to say to parents in the trenches. I have a 3 year old granddaughter and a 19 month old grandson and I’m so grateful for your mom’s wisdom in her book. I do have a question for her though: regarding family history and legacy–how to talk about that with children and grandchildren when the history is filled with dysfunction and trauma?

  4. Hello Shawni! Love the new design. I would like to know what do you recommend (courses or books) for parents (not grandparents by now).
    Thanks you!!!!

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