It’s Abby’s birthday today.

And I’m here to say, if you only get one daughter-in-law, you count your lucky stars when you get a gem like her.

She’s always up for experimenting with me in the kitchen:

(and knows how to cook up some pretty healthy deliciousness)

She’s always up for an adventure, whether it’s close to home or hanging with hippos and giraffes in the middle of Africa:

Always up to try new things…from skiing:

…to spending a summer teaching English in China:

…to randomly whipping up a new shirt for herself on the sewing machine:

…to surfing:

She’s the first one to volunteer to come with me to things like midnight mass and all my hiking desires:

She is instant friends with all the cousins, so interested in them and giving out so much love:

And these new sisters sure adore her.

She is an extremely talented artist:

So creative in every way. And always pushing to progress and learn.

But the think I love most about her is her heart. She is filled with kindness. She knows how to dig deep and to see needs and to see the best in everyone.

Sure love you, Abby Jane!

Happy Happy Birthday!

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  1. Ha! “…only get one” made me giggle in this almost-2021. If you’re very, very lucky, one of your daughters may very well end up having a wife and boom, another daughter-in-law!

    1. Shawni said ‘if’. “If you only get one’. Not “I am only going to get one”. Honestly. She’s celebrating the lovely young women in her life and people’s first response is to make a political comment.
      Try joining rather than imagining division and injustice as a default. This kind of thing gives people on the left a bad name.

    2. Andreeann, Two KEY points someone shared this week by someone that need reinforcing:
      1) It’s not ‘racist’ to have differing beliefs… (one can believe in gender, and one can believe in marriage between opposite sexes, and one can be pro-life, etc…, and still treat everyone with equality and respect.)
      2) You don’t have to agree with a word someone says to support their right to have their own opinions, beliefs, even if your outlook is different.
      People should be punished for their CRIMES and NOT for their beliefs. We can still be kind and believe differently. We need to respect all peoples beliefs. No one is unkind who loves gay people and treats them as everyone else= equally, but still hopes and encourages their children to embrace gender identity, and traditional marriage. Let’s not hold double standards of prejudice, please.

  2. Hi Shawnie – what a lovely tribute. I have a mother-in-law who loves me just as much you seem to love Abby and let me tell you, from the perspective of the “married in kid” it means the world to us. 🙂 Happy day to Abby!

  3. I love my MIL and I’m so very thankful for her! I love seeing loving relationships between MIL and DIL. So many times we’re told it’s supposed to be hard and hateful. Happy Birthday Abby hope you have an amazing day! 🥳

  4. What a lovely tribute on her special day! and I love her “Seaside” sweatshirt as we used to have a condo in that area…. Happy Birthday to your precious DIL!

  5. MILs have the power to make amazing connections with DILs (and vice versa!). You’re doing an awesome job. I know how it feels to be really loved by a MIL. I’m glad Abbie does too!

  6. I loved reading about your daughter-in-law. I wish I knew her in person! What a beautiful part of life that our family grows and we can love the people who become one with our children. I pray for my kids’ future spouses every day. I pray for my kids to be prepared and that I can know how to prepare them for that future time and those special relationships… I hope I’m the kind of mother in law you are, who helps my kids’ spouses feel loved, embraced, feel joy in my home, and be an integral part of the family. I”ve been SO blessed by my siblings’ spouses and have always disliked the “in-law” part we attach… they are truly one in our family!! Thanks for sharing Abby’s light with us, and your love for her too! 🙂

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