Let’s talk about the best things to do in Vancouver, because we just had the chance to go there for our anniversary. It was on Sunday.


And sad news: it might have been the first one of all those anniversaries that we didn’t get to celebrate together. But also happy news, because I was with Lucy and Grace in New England for Lucy’s much anticipated and looked-forward-to MCO (choir) tour. And PHEW!!! That was a wing-dinger I have to tell you! I sure have some stories to share about that week the three of us had together. Velvety-golden ones right along with some pretty harrowing ones. We were running every minute and I never took out my computer so I sure have lots to catch up on.

But for today, let’s talk about the week before that when Dave and I got to have our anniversary celebration.

You see, the two of us had a little time while Lucy was gone working in the San Juan Islands with my brother and his family. (SO much to say about that too!) And since we knew I’d be gone with Lucy on our anniversary (Dave wasn’t able to make it to Boston), we celebrated a little early.


Why Vancouver you might ask? Well, it is a place we have had our eye on to visit. I mean, all that beauty? I crave it. But also we know a pretty incredible Canadian couple who live there. They have a daughter with Lucy’s same syndrome. And when you meet people like that who you can relate with on so many different levels, you look for time to spend together.

So when Dave looked at the map to figure out our route to Blakely to pick up Lucy from her work experience, he realized how close we’d be to Vancouver so he set up a meeting with them.

The Best Things to Do in VANCOUVER

We got to explore that gorgeous place before that meeting though. Oh man, the light in Vancouver is so crystally clear and it was such a perfect spot to celebrate 29 years of togetherness.

Vancouver Biking

Vancouver seems to be made for biking! We rented bikes and biked all over creation.

Stanley Park

We biked all the way around Stanley Park, taking in the cityscape and then the ocean stretched out.

Some day I’ll come back here and add more details, but I loved the totem poles all over the place. Such a beautiful symbol.

Granville Island Public Market

We stopped and ate fish and chips at “Go Fish” looking out over the bay en route to Granville. Pretty great view I have to say.

Then we biked all over to Granville Island Public Market.

We explored that place heaped with the most gorgeous gigantic fruit and every other kind of food you can imagine.


We crossed the bridge and biked through Gastown where we saw the famed steam-powered clock.

Coal Harbor

Weaved through Coal Harbor Marina and watched the sea planes taking off…but more on that in a minute.

We so appreciated the weather because it was supposed to rain and never did. Thank you God!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

We returned our bikes and drove across the Lions Gate Bridge to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was built in 1889 and wow this was a pretty cool place…but also pretty crowded.

There’s so much cool history about that thing that you should definitely look up if you’re interested, so much to learn that I don’t have time to write up right now but here’s some info I took pictures of:

More cool totem poles:

Tree Walk

There’s a tree walk like we did in New Zealand, but a lot more populated!

There is something about trees.

Even in the crowds, there is such a calming with those green giants.

I LOVED these quotes:

Cliff Walk

One more time across the bridge when the crowds calmed down:

Seaplanes at Coal Harbor

When we got back we sat and watched the sunset over Coal Harbor for a long time, talking deep. I can’t even remember what we even talked about but I felt such a surge of love for that guy I get to be married to. This was good timing since we had been frustrated with each other amidst the crowds in the afternoon. Ha!

I love him.

Visiting with BBS Friends

Our last morning we headed out to meet up with our BBS friends. They invited us to go on a walk/run through the forest by their house which we loved. It was so beautiful…and drizzly too.

Then we came back to have yogurt, granola and hot chocolate and talk, talk, talk. Oh we learned so much and so grateful for this friendship.

Small Planes

Before we left we had some encounters with small planes.

We had read there had been three small plane crashes in the area in the last week, so kinda weird that I was so mesmerized by the seaplanes taking off from Coal Harbor. We had a little time before our next flight so I got my heart pumping and ran over to see if I could catch one while Dave caught up on a little work. I made it and it was such a beautiful ride.

And THEN, we scrambled to grab some groceries, return our rental car, and take off for Blakely to pick up our LUCY, in another small plane. But more on that soon.

For now, oh how grateful I am for this guy who has been with me through thick and thin for almost three decades!

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  1. It’s wonderful that you enjoyed your time in Vancouver. I grew up there and it was fun to see it featured on your blog. The bridge you took from Vancouver to North Vancouver (to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge) was the Lions Gate Bridge, not the Stanley Bridge. The Lions Gate Bridge was built in 1938 and named for a pair of mountains on the north shore known as the Lions. There are also a pair of lion sculptures at the entrance onto the bridge from the Vancouver side. The bridge is a National Historic Site of Canada.

    1. Oh thank you Claire!! I was writing so fast I messed that up (I’ll go change it). I’m glad to know more background too, thank you so much for sharing. It was so beautiful!

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