I mentioned we skied like nobody’s business after Christmas.

All but Lu and Abby (who were snuggled up inside), working our hearts out through the deep powder moguls, and even deeper gorgeousness.

We had given the skiers ski passes for Christmas, and we skied 6 out of 8 days up in all that Christmas powder. We were sure tuckered out by the end I must say, even Dave has never skied that many days in a row in all his life. It takes all my mental and physical energy to navigate, especially at the top with low visibility trying to navigate, but it is pretty exhilarating!

We started out just snowy:

But by the end we got REALLY snowy:

I think it snowed about two feet while we were there.

Pretty fun times.

One of the days when the visibility was awful, we headed down to the mall because some of the kids had some Christmas money to spend.

My sister Saydi brought Lu to join us (who had slept over at her house the night before).

Ate at my favorite: Hires Big H (best hamburgers in all the land).

More skiing:

Claire was not afraid of falling in all that powder as she bombed down all those hills!

This is my fav. tree on the mountain:

Meanwhile, Lucy got to spend a little time with cousins (and Abby), and Abby made herself busy doing a little sewing:

At night we watched all kinds of home family videos (a gift I had given the kids for Christmas). NOTHING in the world like reliving all those old family memories all together laughing our guts out at how funny those kids were.

We also had Dave’s sister and her family over one night.

Grace and Claire put on a pretty great game night and man alive, we love these people!

We spent time at Grammie and Grandfather’s own winter wonderland:

Built a pretty cute snowman:

Cross-country skied through that gorgeousness with cousin Isaac:

Had such a great gathering with my mom’s sister and all her kids and family:

I hadn’t seen these cousins in forever, and oh the memories we share! Love them so much.

My sister’s little Evie is obsessed with Abby and Peanut, and Claire is obsessed with Evie and my sister’s other kids:

Love these two couples with all my heart:

I’ve talked about Grandma Jacobson a lot before. SO grateful she had these two girls of hers (in the front below) at age 43 and 44 (she married later in life), and paved the path for all these people to come.

Those two women in the front there are some of the best of the very best.

Lucy sure loved spending time with these two cousins…and FaceTiming with the third their age who is in NYC.

Loved being together with the first five of the nine kids in our family:

(And also number nine, Charity, who had left before we thought to take a picture.)

On New Years Eve we ate at this fun place:

Had a little poker night (with Cheerios):

And rang in the new year together.

(Abby was ready for a little hot-tubbing with Max, ha!)

On New Year’s Day we braved the roads to get to church, only to find that it was cancelled (SO MUCH SNOW), so we had a pretty great family church:

And I had a special New Year’s Walk by myself that night, overcome with the beauty of the world, and pondering the new year to come.

…followed by gathering and games and cookies with any Eyres who could join us:

One more ski day…everyone knew that snow was so good!

And beautiful.

And that is the end.

2022 all wrapped up.

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  1. Beautiful photos! The way your mom and her sister are holding on to each other in front of so many of their children and grandchildren is so sweet and touching.

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