I was talking to my friend the other day who was telling me all the ins and outs of cheerleading and track and field (things her daughter is involved in).  It was like she was speaking a different language from my narrow field of view (volleyball and tennis).  Much like the different language some of my other mom friends “speak” who’s kids are active in the honor society and choir and orchestra or maybe student council.  Or maybe they aren’t involved in anything at all (like I wasn’t in high school…I didn’t do much extracurricularly) and are just spending more time with friends or being more organized and on-top-of-things.

But I realized as I was talking to that friend that day that I am definitely in a “volleyball/tennis” bubble.

So if you’re sick of hearing about volleyball stop right here.  Because you might be bored to tears as we’re soaking in the last of this while we can!

For three years now we have accompanied Max to the “Brophy Tournament” which is an invitational tournament to all the best teams in the area.  The first year we won it.  The next two we have come in third.  And it is pretty fun to just get to watch volleyball for two days straight.

We sit up in these balcony areas and watch these schools compete on the three different courts below.

Every school has their own tables set up up there filled with a ton of food the parents bring (since you’re there for almost two days straight), and it is just kind of fun to socialize and watch all these different teams do their thing.

I am a little late on the camera sometimes but I love these two next pics.  Max is just hitting it through these two blockers in this one:

 And I love all theif faces and how the setter is on the ground on this one:

When Max was on the JV team he served all the time but something happened and he stopped serving.  He didn’t serve hardly at all this season until the Brophy tournament and then he started and didn’t stop.

 After some points these guys get SO excited I wish I could have captured it better.

 These guys came in first in the pool play the first day.

The next day Elle got up nice and early for the ACT test, and Max got up early to get on his way. 
Oh I hated taking those tests…poor Elle.  But she ended up doing pretty well despite the fact that she claimed it was the hardest test she’s ever taken in her life.

She came and met up with us to cheer Max on when she was done.

One of Claire’s best friends moved out that direction a few years ago so it was fun to get these girls reunited.

 So fun to have these other people we love come watch with us too.

 (Grace had some stuff going on so she opted to stay home with Lu.)

Near the end of the tournament they announced the “All Tournament Team.”  I was unprepared that Max would be one of the guys so this was my view:
Luckily our coach was down there and got these:

That kid on the right is from Brophy (an all-Catholic private school) and has been recruited to play at BYU next year.  Kind of fun to watch him in action.

 Ok, if you made it through this you are champ.

Sums up our last Brophy tournament.  So sad that it’s over, but so grateful for how much fun it’s been for the last few years.

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  1. I grew up in the "volleyball bubble" beginning with club when I was in fifth grade and continuing on through college, so I really enjoy your sport updates! I miss those weekend tournaments and team tables full of food :). Congrats to Max on making the All-Tournament Team! He looks like quite a player. I also have to tell you how much I appreciate your blog. It has made such a difference in my outlook and approach to motherhood.

  2. I love your volleyball posts! I have a daughter who plays Club & High School volleyball and it's so fun to get to share in your enthusiasm!

  3. We are very much into the "baseball bubble" with my 12 year old son. I am curious how you and Dave have handled sports tournaments that have ran over into Sunday. The deeper my son gets into baseball, the more this is starting to happen. I value your opinion and just wanted to know how you have handled that. Thanks!

    1. I also would love to hear your thoughts on this. We are just entering that stage (with soccer and horse shows) that take all weekend. I think my thoughts on this are evolving but I'd love to hear yours.

  4. Don't worry about writing too much about volleyball, I am jealous, for 9 years we lived in the "Gymnastic/Theatre" bubble and I would give anything to go back and read what it was like. I did not keep a journal, I have lots of pictures but not a lot written down, you will be glad you did in the years ahead. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about you and your family these last few years, keep it up, especially for them, they are what it is all about anyway!!

  5. I have never known a catholic high school to be all catholic (only catholic's allowed) before. Did you maybe mean all boy's catholic school? They are often single gender.

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