Neither of us are ready for that, and in fact, she shed some good, still-smiling tears thinking about that dang growing up business.

But at least she could throw on that ten thousand gigawatt smile for some pictures 😉

The day was filled up with so many birthday things starting with our traditional early-morning bday breakfast:

I spent the afternoon standing in front of the crepe maker whipping up two humongous plates of crepes for all her friends coming over that night:

(I have to say I was pretty proud of those suckers, they took a LOT of work!).

We took a group of her friends to dinner. And they ALL showed up wearing denim. I swear this was not planned:

How crazy is that??

Oh, Nana and Papa came to visit as well, and we got those crepes set up:

The friends had cake and ice cream with us:

Then the house filled right up with kids to help celebrate. Here are some of them all squished in on the couch:

Earlier that afternoon I got a text from American Airlines about a flight coming in from Miami. I acted like that didn’t give away the fact that Elle and Carson were coming, but by that time I was putting things together pretty quickly. You see, my birthday is just a few days after Claire’s, and since it was a big one, Dave figured we better get everyone home so we could celebrate all weekend (he is the best).

So, in the middle of Claire’s party as I stood in the middle of that sea of teenagers in the kitchen, Max came in from the back door and tapped me on my shoulder and I hugged up he and Abby back and forth, back and forth, all so happy. And then Elle and Carson arrived an hour or so later.

We were all pretty happy as you can see, and this doesn’t include Lucy who was probably the most excited of all:

So much more about that bday weekend soon, but for now, man alive it was so fun to have the big kids in town to finish off Claire’s birthday celebration. She is so extra lit up when they’re around.

Gosh I adore that girl of mine, and I’m just as sad as she is that she’s growing up. Maybe we thought it would help her stay young to squish her cheeks off with our traditional bday kisses. HA!

She is sassy and a little bit crazy but kind and good from the core and I am just so grateful she is mine.

(Eighteen things I adore about here over HERE.)

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  1. I adore every one of those people in this post…except maybe that mob of kids. But I bet I would love them if I knew them. What a bunch! Happy Birthday once again Claire!

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