Being the record-keeper I am, and in utter respect for this home we adore, I took lots of pictures of our last holiday season here.
Two years ago when we celebrated Christmas I thought it would be our last one here.  We had just bought our new home and were preparing to remodel.  
Little did I know that remodeling actually takes more than a few months…at least the way we have done it.
So we were here for another Christmas (last year), which I also was sure would be our last.  
I mean, we had our house plans done and were about ready to start, how long could it take?  Right?  
But as we neared closer and closer to Christmas this year and my non-existent decisions mixed with absent contractors, Dave and I came to the realization that we would get one more Christmas in this home of ours.  
So amidst a little bit of dread but a lot of nostalgia, we pulled out all our decorations again.   (Halloween is back HERE, and it’s funny I kind of shared a lot of the same thoughts back there too…I must really have a lot of sentimental attachment issues!)
And my heart warmed thinking of all the memories that have filled up this home of ours.
I take a lot of joy in holiday decor.  So do our kids (see here for an example).
I love the feeling it brings into a home.  I wonder what I will do without a banister next year, and things all in different spots, and different colors and textures surrounding us?
Here’s how our banister has served us for Thanksgiving the last twelve years:

After Thanksgiving our home goes from this:

To this:
Some years I have decided that what’s on our walls deserves a little holiday bling as well:

More on those dining room pictures HERE.

(I just go pick up the trimmings they have cut off from people’s Christmas tree purchases at Home Depot and wrap a ribbon around them with wire and stick those boughs up there.)

(More on these silhouettes back HERE.)

There’s my Christmas banister.

I should be happy after so many years of spending hours on putting that stuff up and taking it down to leave it behind, but I will miss it so.
At least I can bring my big dough bowl with me πŸ™‚

And I’m pretty sure we’ll still have a fridge to hang our “Thankful Tree” on.

This year Lucy decided some symmetrical leaves right down the center of the trunk would be a great touch.  Boy she sure got into that tree this year.
(“Thankful Tree” details back HERE and HERE.)

Our fridge goes from all that gratitude in November to making our hearts glow with love for friends and family that fill it up in December.

Speaking of cards, I may as well talk about our favorites this year since they’re part of our holiday decor.

Here’s the other side of the kitchen:

Some favorites:

How’s this for creative?

We better look at that one more close-up…

 For reals.  Funny.

Elle declared this one the “winner” of our mock contest we do every year right as soon as she opened it:

Love it.

I thought this picture was so pretty:

 Love this one too.

 …and this one:

I always love Rose Dall’s cards (our old neighbor from Virginia who is an amazing artist).  I always wish I could blow hers up real big and put them on my walls.

I love all the ideas people come up with.

My sister-in-law is so creative she amazes me with what she comes up with each year.

Ok, back to the decorating dealio I got side-tracked from.

I hope that in our new house my brother will still come help decorate.

..and that the “thick air” Christmas spirit will filter through everything as it has in this house for so many years.
Now it’s on to the last Valentine “heart attack” in this home of ours.  
Again, we’ll still have walls to hang those hearts on and we will love them too.  
But I’ll always have a hollow spot in my heart for all the holiday memories that fill up this home of ours.

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  1. your home truly is gorgeous and I can certainly see why you will miss it but I no your new home will be even more gorgeous!

    I sure do love this blog of yours and your an inspiration to me.
    As a 1st time mother without my own mum around for advice and support I take real comfort from your posts.

    Thank you xx

  2. Wow! Everything looks so amazing. Your sister in law's card is so creative.
    You do such a great job documenting your life with a flair of what's important. Hopefully it will ease some of the sadness when you move….where you'll continue to make those wonderful memories.

  3. Ok, something totally off topic: Is that Christmas-decorating-brother of yours, married? I've got a super amazing young lady I'd love for him to meet! πŸ™‚

  4. Your home is absolutely gorgeous, wow. I understand the mixed feelings about leaving. I moved from the home I lived in for 28 years in August and it was both the hardest and best thing I ever did. πŸ™‚

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