First of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  But I’m waiting to post about that until tomorrow when all the hoopla is over.  Send good vibes over this direction that I’ll be able to round up the finishing touches to Lucy’s outfit she has her iron will set on…I may be in trouble there!
For now let’s wrap up Fall Break.
After all the “play” at Lake Powell for Fall Break (back HERE), I put the girls to work for “the great closet-clean-out-of-2106.”
And they were overjoyed about that little activity as you can see.

But hey, we got clean closets out of the whiney, mopey, slow process, and then we were ready for some real fun…

Hiking the tough side of this mountain my friend and I hiked last spring.

 The one with the double-black diamond warning at the trail-head.

My kids may have never spoken to me again for putting them through this “torture,” but since we did it with friends that “extremely difficult” hike was pretty jubilant.

 …and beautiful.

We left Lucy with Dave and I worked on developing “hiking love” with these two.

 Love this friend who got us there.

 We are hiking the Grand Canyon this spring so we’ve got to get in gear over here!

I didn’t get a picture of our delicious well-earned breakfast at a place close-by when we were done, but it was good.
Claire had a soccer game that last weekend as well…where she scored a goal.
I love the jubilation of teammates that comes along with goals:
Let’s get a better look at that:

 …there we go.

The team had a great win that had to be celebrated with In and Out.

In other Fall Break news, Lucy and her friend decided to have two contests.

One was for art, and one was for “baking.”

They interviewed our family very seriously for the “jobs,” asking us about our prior judging experience and where we feel our expertise lies.

In the end I was the proud winner to be the judge of the art competition.

 And I’m not gonna lie, that’s a tough sell since these girls are both pretty outstanding artists.

 So they had to be awarded different very equal awards.  I can’t remember exactly which one got which, but clearly Lucy wasn’t over-the-moon about the type of award I gave her:

Oh man she cracks me up.
Claire was the proud winner of judging the baking competition the next day.

They made some elaborate creations with the theme of “beach scene” for the contest:

 Quite impressive imaginations and usage of food I must say.

Here they are explaining their creations to the “judge” and her helpers (a friend and a little toddler she was babysitting).

I don’t have a final picture but I think they both came out winners on that one as well.

It was a great little break from school, especially since we got a full week plus the following Monday off.

But I still wasn’t ready to get back to work the next day, dang it!

Maybe I need to home-school these kids of mine…


  1. Love that Lu's mind! She is amazing! So great to have this documented! Wish we could have seen Claire's goals this year so thanks for sharing those great expressions!

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