Does anyone else feel like things are going full-steam ahead right now? Today we are buckling down and getting to work on our “summer goals” and plans, but until then, let’s talk about what happened at the end of the school year (seems like ancient history now to be honest!).

I talked about how we hit the end of another chapter of parenting: goodbye to junior high forever for our family (back HERE). But there were some things leading up to that last day that I want to remember.

I got back from Utah (last two posts), and it was just the three of us (and Bo Jangles of course), walking the neighborhood in the golden glow of the evening light:

See our shadows up there?

This was before it got to be oven-hot around here…it’s supposed to hit 117 five days in a row this week…save me!

Ok, yeah, yeah: there are really four of us here, not three. But that blonde girl in the back seat doesn’t grace us with her presence as much as we wish!

I love that sometimes Lucy’s teachers send me little gems like this:

(Very serious bridge-building business in one of Lucy’s classes.)

Claire said goodbye to the most awesome film photography teacher who has taught ALL of my kids the beauty of film (he’s retiring, and they all loved him so much!):

And as long as we’re talking about goodbyes, Claire’s head volleyball coach is leaving us as well.

He got a college coaching job and we are so happy for him, but so sad to see him leave! We did a going away party for him here the day before the last day of school (joint effort from everyone who knows and loves him).

I decided we needed to have the theme up somewhere so I whipped up these puppies:

(The theme is “Relentless, Engaged, Joyful”)

The kids got a chance to talk about some of the things they love most about him…here’s Claire waiting for her turn:

And after the program was done that coach did a fully-clothed pool jump with some of them. Ha!

We are so incredibly grateful for how much that coach has believed in Claire and all these girls in the volleyball program. He has been a “builder” in so many ways and they have all learned so much. He will be sorely missed. (Thank you for everything, Coach Jordan!!)

But we are so lucky that the assistant coach will be taking his position. We love him and think he’ll do such a good job!

Here’s Lu on the second-to-last day of school:

I mean, capture as much as you possibly can after all that time in a place, right??

The actual last day was so quiet around here. It was the strangest last-day-of-school yet.

I wrote about sending Lucy off back HERE, Claire and her friends packed up and left for California (loved having them all here with the excitement as they got ready to leave):

…and Lucy somehow maneuvered to have her cute YW leader take her to lunch (not sure who’s idea that was), but it made me so happy they figured that out together and to see Lu’s gigantic smile.

The power of one. Isn’t it amazing what a difference one person can make?

Lucy had been so worried about what she was going to do that last day to make it feel like a celebration. She knows how to make things happen! And oh! I wonder if that leader will ever know how much that meant to Lucy? And to her mom.

Then Lucy decided to actually go to a party (even though she hates parties) and had a good time, came home so happy and refreshed to play chess before bed. Claire made it safe to California and Dave and I got to hang out and it was a weird but good last day.

On to summer!

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  1. Love that “power of one”. Thanks for the reminder that ONE can make a difference! Enjoy your summer!

  2. Did Claire & friends go to Cali by themselves?
    Not a judgment just curious on when teens do this!
    Also I have been drying to ask your thoughts on this. As an lds mom who has a teenager daughter, there has been lots of interesting posts lately on modesty, the for strength of youth, and Dr Julie hanks. What are your personal thoughts?

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