We had quite the volleyball season this year.
It started out a little rough.  Everyone was getting situated with the new-ness of a new coach, a new team without all the graduated seniors who helped them win the state tournament last year, new positions, etc.  
We lost the first two games of the season (that happened to be against the two best teams).  
But then those boys figured each other out.  The coach figured them out too.  They bonded.  They learned, and they worked their tails off.
And they didn’t lose another game the whole season.
So going into the state tournament we were ranked #3 in the state.  We made it through the first two rounds easy-peasy.

It’s lucky that we got that smiley picture after that second round, because after that we got lined up against the best team we had played all season.  One of the two we lost to in the beginning.  We had come back and beat them in a separate tournament in the meantime, so we thought there was a chance.  But the boys were so darn nervous.  They didn’t “come to play” and that other team was pretty darn amazing.

We lost.

At least the team we lost to ended up winning the whole thing.  For some reason that made us feel better:)

But it was a heartbreaker.  Luckily Max’s #1 cheerleader put a smile on his face:

The boys all came over after that.  It was fun to have them all together and fix them some top ramen to lift their spirits 🙂

Have I mentioned how much I love these boys?  They are all exceptional.

And I’m so grateful they have kind of served as the “brothers” Max never got in real life.

They have kind of been “brothers” to my girls too.  Check out that nice math homework helper:

Love them.

We had a great end-of-the-year final banquet with all the families.

 (Wish I had better pics.)

They all got funny gag gifts and celebrated a great year.

It WAS a really, really great one.

There is a great photographer who comes to most of the games with her big, awesome camera (her site is HERE).  We got pictures from her of the season that I just have to share.

Here you go:

 LOVE that intensity.

I love how Max puts his arms way back when he’s going to get the set.

This one’s my favorite:

 Check out that concentration.

A kid on the team always sang the national anthem.  He is really good.

I LOVED the pre-game stuff.

Now they’re on to practicing for Nationals next month.

It doesn’t stop.  But what a great sport.

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