We have the BEST girl who is willing to come to our house to cut our hair so we lucked out and got her to come the night before the big day to take care of all our hair (except for Elle who was too busy planning the big senior bonfire).

Grace’s before:

 …and after:

Oh boy we love Aubrie!
Traditional first-day-rainbow pancakes:

High schoolers:

Elementary schoolers: 

Work isn’t quite as exciting…

Our traditional first day post-school “cookie chat:”

One of Elle’s good friends (and mine…her mom) came for a little visit after the “chat.”

Family dinner…oh how I’ve missed family dinners.

Lucy stepped up her place tag game (she loves to assign seats when she sets the table) for such a special night 🙂

Despite my bad attitude (yesterday), everyone came home all smiles and I got so much done.  I think Grace was the most excited.  She’s in love with high school.

We’re off to a good start.

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  1. Shawni,
    I emailed you yesterday about your help finding a home for a foreign exchange student from Germany, but I'm not sure how often you check your photography email. She is coming this weekend and lost her host family and I was wondering if you could check your email and see what you think? Thanks, Jen K.

  2. Lovely pix.

    I love what Lucy wrote about each other on the table mats. By the way, your white table & the red table mats look great.:)

    It still seems strange to think of children in the US back at school in early August!

    Grace is looking so much like you & Charity.

    I hope they all have a great year at school.

  3. Lucy's notes are prize winners. What a mind! Great to see these beautiful girls launching on a new school year! How can that be? Max's graduation seems like yesterday!

  4. Your girls have such beautiful hair! I only have one girl, and we need help! How do you take Grace's hair from the "before" to the "after"? (Besides the haircut!) Hope they all have a wonderful school year.

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