Happy, happy 4th…a day late!
Yesterday wasn’t a very traditional fourth of July for us.  We missed our friends in California where we have gone for many years.  We missed our friends in South Carolina who we met up with last year.  And we missed our girls!  Elle is in London and my girls are up at the lake with my parents.
But it was a 4th of July to remember for all of us I tell you!
Dave and I were at Nationals with our boy watching a whole slew of this:
…with our hearts racing with nervousness through the games, and our hearts also soaking every last minute of this fun sport and this even more fun boy we adore so much.  
It’s been a pretty crazy ride to get to all the varying places we were!  
On Tuesday Dave and Max left for Nationals.  The girls and I packed up the car and headed to Park City the next day.
How I love road trips!  It was long, but I have about twenty of these shots where I threw my iPhone at  my co-pilot Grace to have her take a picture of all that gorgeous scenery right that instant as we whisked by. 

We listened to Shiloh (highly recommend…great questions raised for some good discussions with the girls).

We memorized our classical music and composers to get ready for “Grammie’s Classical Music Challenge” coming up at the lake this summer.

 And we went a tad-bit stir crazy and were soooo excited to reach the pine trees of Park City!

I wish I had had the foresight to take footage of these girls reuniting with their grandparents.

And a few aunts and cousins they adore.

You would have thought they hadn’t seen each other for ten years!

I tucked them away snuggly with those wonderful people and left within a half hour to go catch my red-eye to meet the boys in Ohio.

…on an extremely overbooked flight.  Yow.

Luckily they had a pretty awesome celebration for the 4th on the night of the 3rd in Ohio (since we would be on flights on the night of the 4th).  We watched a pretty spectacular firework show perched on the top of a parking lot in Columbus:

 …with about a gazillion other folks with the same idea.

 The little girls spent the 4th Utah-style with some of my family:

And I can’t wait to hear what adventures Elle had on the 4th…she has been in Paris this weekend, poor girl 🙂

As we were split up all over creation I felt extra gratitude this year for our country.  Renewed gratitude for all the freedoms we enjoy (especially after spending a semester in China).  Renewed appreciation for my religion, for the rolling hills that spread in so many different varieties across this great land from sea to shining sea, for the founding fathers I believe were so very much led by God.  
Being separated gave me, once again, renewed appreciation for my family that we get to have reunited this week.  Cannot wait! 
So very grateful.  
Happy 4th weekend!

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