Whenever I get an opportunity to be reunited with old friends my heart swells with so much gratitude!

While in Utah I got to go on a morning “hike” (really more like a speedwalk) with my college girls Brigitta, Nik, and Lynna. 

I love them, every one. 

We talked a hundred miles a minute trying to catch up along a hilly bike trail overlooking the golf course and beautiful vistas around Thanksgiving Point.  (Utah is so beautiful.) 

One of them had a daughter who was getting married in a few days, one has a son who just left on a mission, and another has a son who just came home from his mission, and will be roommates with Max in the Fall.  We talked about everything from parenting to what we’re struggling with to what we’re over-the-moon excited about, all of life all mixed up together. 

Being with those awesome women made me think of Elle in Jerusalem right now…because when I was just about her exact same age I was there.  And I met this girl (below) who’s right next to me in that picture.

I was a transferring student from Boston University (Jerusalem was the “intermediate” point between B.U. and BYU).  And I met all these other awesome women through her when I started up in Provo (wish all the others could have made it this morning too…most are spread out far and wide, especially in the summer).  Ultimately through them, and where we ended up living, etc., I met Dave.

I wonder how that blessed place called Jerusalem will affect Elle and the route her life takes.

Isn’t it interesting the places life takes you, from little seeds planted along the way?

After walking almost seven miles we sat at a picnic table and just talk, talk, talked some more until our cell phones buzzed incessantly enough to call us to arms in every different direction we needed to head, and we reluctantly hugged and said our goodbyes.

I am so lucky to have those ladies in my life. 

While in Utah I also got to get together with my high school girls who were in town.

We did the same hundred-miles-a-minute talk, talk, talk catching up with life.  As we sat around that table I just got so overcome with their goodness (for those who were there, and those who weren’t).  Where would I have been without them all those crazy high school years?  We share so many memories, the good and the bad, the tough and the exhilarating all making up the fiber of who we are.

I love them.

I love that I got to bring one of them up to the lake with me for a couple days too.

Again, makes me think of my kids, and where their friends’ influence has taken them, and will continue to lift them in many ways throughout their lives. 


  1. I wouldn't have met my hubby if I hadn't gone to Jerusalem and made certain friends either. So many things fell into place from that one decision to go there…in such an amazing way that I only realized the magnitude of it all in looking back! So cool how God works and how our experiences shape our lives!

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