Tuesday was a big day over here.
These girls were pretty excited to finish out the school year…

…and it was a non-stop party all day long.

It was so weird not to have anyone graduating after two years of that being the central focal point of May.

Just soaked up these three little girls of mine…

…and all their friends:)

Claire and her friends wanted some last-day-of-school pictures before they took off for that last day.

 So we took some.

 (those are “8’s” they’re holing up since they’re officially heading to 8th grade.

Bo really wanted to be in their pictures:

 Finally got her to clear out…

 Love all these great girls…and dozens more who are this age who Claire loves.

One of Lucy’s friends had her traditional last-day-of-school breakfast at their house before everyone headed off to school.

And then it was quiet and I ran around trying to get things checked off my before-school-is-out list until Grace and a hoard of friends came to swim and play volleyball over here.

I wish I had more pictures of that crew, but Grace scowled at me when I asked if I could take a picture.

She did graciously send me these that she and her friends took though 🙂

So there we go.
As soon as the teenagers cleared out it was time for Lucy and her friends to take over the pool.

 Oh how I love those girls.

 The sky waved goodbye to the school year with a gorgeous sunset.

 …and we had a round of teaching these cute girls Lucy’s favorite card game before delivering them home.

 …oh and a couple of their friends who were boys were around too…they come jump on the trampoline pretty often and we love it…fun to have them here the same time as the girls.

And just like that, the 2016-2017 school year is wrapped up for the memory books.

…except that I have a bunch more to say about all the end of school hoopla leading up to that last day…some day!


  1. TOTALLY not really a comment…just a question I thought perhaps you could answer or some of your readers could point me in the right direction. I have a son who will be a senior who just does not seem quite ready for college. We would like him to have a gap year but think that living at home and attending community college or working would just kinda extend his high school. He needs to get away and grow up a bit. So looking for inexpensive gap year volunteer ideas…safe, inexpensive, and not near home (Illinois). Any ideas? We unfortunately are not affiliated with a church so I have no idea where to start looking. If anyone has any suggestions I would so appreciate it!

    1. Americorp is probably a great option! I bet there are lots of great things you could find on the Internet. There are so many wonderful opportunities out there!

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