School’s out.

And we are deep into summer over here.

We had a few days of what felt like non-stop parties and sleeping in and now we’re on to a routine with “summer goals” all set up and that feels pretty good.  Also, lots of doctor appointments, trying to get caught up on all the health stuff.  Girls camp has come and gone, Dave’s IRONMAN has also come and gone.  Yep, we’re in full swing over here.  Also lots of heat.  Oh boy, we live in a hot place.  But I love how summer releases us into so much freedom.

For today, let’s talk about the last day so we can have it on record over here in the blog world.

Somehow our “rainbow pancake” tradition has flown out the window in exchange for bigger and better…

Grace rushed off to a student body end-of-the-year celebration at school:

Claire and her friends gathered for their traditional pre-last-day get-together:

…and so did Lucy’s:

Loved riding the tandem bike over with her and talking with these great moms who have raised angel daughters as the kids smiled and celebrated setting off on their last day:

Back up for just a sec, because graduation was the night before the big day for some reason this year, and Grace had fun celebrating with her good friends over there.

…including the security guard which all our kids have been best friends with.

They also did their end-of-the-school-year “paper drop” tradition over at the high school…
After school Grace and co. decided to make their own hot tub:

And all these soon-to-be SENIORS swam before Claire’s friends came to take over.

Claire had put dibs on the pool since Grace had to work that afternoon…and boy oh boy did she and her friend fill that puppy up nice and full:

More about that get-together and 8th grade graduation back HERE.

Grace made up for having to work the last day of school with a big party the next day:

That back yard filled right up again:

Then on Saturday Lu’s friends filled it up.

By then, we were officially tuckered out from celebrations.

It was the last year we will have three at three different schools with three different yearbooks.

…which makes me a little melancholy.  I hate that time keeps speeding by so fast.

But also so excited for Grace and Claire to get to be in high school together next year.

…and for Lu to rule the school as a 6th grader.

New grand (and scary) adventures ahead!

The 2017-2018 school year is wrapped up for the record books.  Let the summer games keep on keeping on.


  1. I just loved clicking on the links to the summer goals! I hope you did too! One took me back to summer 2010 and Daves calendar tracking. Your summer goals with the family projects was to potty train Lucy! 2010 seems just like yesterday and now look at her. How crazy how time flies.
    I love the summer goals and wish I had done them with my gitls, but the son gets to do them now. I can't wait to see what he comes up with!
    (Great comments on those old posts, too)
    Jamie Noto

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