Grace had so much fun on the soccer team this year, and we were all sad the season was so dang short.  We were out of town for two games, there was one clear across town in the middle of rush hour while Lucy had her Chinese tutor, and there was one that was cancelled because of pollution. So you can bet we were there with flying colors for the one home game she had.
She hasn’t played for years, so it was fun to see her out on the field again.
Dave and my side-kicks were Claire and Lu…Lu working diligently on her homework:
…and Claire doing some kind of acrobatics as usual.
Grace gave Lu a little kicking lesson at half-time:)

Cute ladies walking around the track doing their arm exercises at half time:

Love all these cute girls Grace has been able to get to know as she learned so much over the season, even if it was a short one!

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