I am doing the devotional on the Come Follow Me app again today, all about what the Parable of the Leaven means to me.

This week for Come Follow Me we read all about many of Jesus’ parables and the one I’m talking about is in Luke 13: 20-21.

It made me immediately think about the time I baked bread and didn’t have time to let it rise.

The yeast, that tiny particle you wouldn’t think was all that important, didn’t have time to work it’s magic. Come listen in on the devotional to hear my thoughts on the power of the leaven in our own lives and what the parable of the leaven means to me.

Some ways we can add the power of “leaven” into our own lives

In addition to what I said in the devotional, I love to think about the “leaven” we can put toward our convictions of God. Even just the tiny particles of the hundreds of decisions we make each day can make us better disciples of Christ. I’m reading this book right now that my friend gave me for Christmas and it’s really making me think about how to ask myself “What Would Jesus Do?” more often. I know that may seem like a small thing, but when we think about that question more often, we automatically begin to change our thinking, which brings us closer to God.

The “leaven” we put into our personal relationships, whether with family or with friends, extended family and even the person who opens the door for us at the grocery store, makes a difference. We sometimes tend to underestimate the power of looking up, smiling, sincerely connecting. And listening with our hearts.

We can add more “leaven” into our days by adjusting our priorities to put the most important things first…again and again. And again. (Because it takes that much adjusting sometimes!) to train ourselves to recognize what what “best thing” is.

May we all work more diligently to put in the work (“leavin”) that, though tiny and small, can make a mighty difference in how we live our lives. And our overall happiness and joy.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Shawni, thank you so much for recommending this app. I checked it out, and I LOVE it!! It helped me getting into a routine of reading the bible every day. I really like all the links and features, and your devotional was beautiful. Thank you!

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