I love when we have Mondays off school. 

Last night we had the cousins come for dessert and Max went to hang with his boy cousins and the girls, Dave and I watched Pride and Prejudice ‘til late in the night.  Today we get to swim and BBQ.

In the meantime, I realized I never posted this recap of a trip to the mountains at the very beginning of the summer.

Happy Labor Day!2012-06-10 duke 52339We feel so grateful to escape from the craziness of life in the desert every so often and hang with our good friends at their ranch in the mountains.2012-06-10 the ranch 517462012-06-11 the ranch 517622012-06-11 the ranch 517602012-06-11 the ranch 517612012-06-11 the ranch 51769
The highlight of the trip this time for the little boys was the crawdads.  Wow, these boys sure found a bunch of them.2012-06-10 the ranch 517492012-06-11 the ranch 51768
They even took it upon themselves to cook a few and actually eat them.  2012-06-10 the ranch 51754
Gross.  Very gross if you ask me but boy, they were sure happy about it (excuse the pun:)2012-06-11 the ranch 517762012-06-11 the ranch 517842012-06-11 the ranch 51785
This trip we took the time to head up to a watering hole to swim. 2012-06-12 Nichole's pictures 518472012-06-12 the ranch 519572012-06-12 the ranch 51955
The kids found a place to cliff jump and ate that up.  They started small:2012-06-12 Nichole's pictures 51869
…and then went higher.2012-06-12 the ranch 519942012-06-12 the ranch 519772012-06-12 the ranch 52007
It was all fun and games to watch until I asked my friend why she didn’t do it (she had her swimsuit on ready to go).  She told me she’d jump if I did. 

I don’t know why things like that get me going, but right when she said that my heart started pumping and I knew I had to do it. 

We got up the gumption after a little pep talk from each other and the kids.2012-06-12 Nichole's pictures 51908
…and then we went for it.  2012-06-12 Nichole's pictures 519112012-06-12 Nichole's pictures 51912(yeah that was my workout clothes…didn’t come very well prepared for a cliff jump)2012-06-12 Nichole's pictures 51918
Man, sometimes I love a little jolt like that.2012-06-12 the ranch 52015
Other parts of being at the ranch:2012-06-12 the ranch 519352012-06-12 the ranch 519402012-06-12 the ranch 519432012-06-12 the ranch 519482012-06-12 the ranch 52017
Late night games:2012-06-11 the ranch 51932
Tuckered out after a long day.2012-06-11 the ranch 51927
We do a lot of cooking and eat so well up there.  Each family takes turns making a big meal for everyone.2012-06-12 the ranch 520222012-06-11 the ranch 517882012-06-11 the ranch 517892012-06-11 the ranch 517902012-06-11 the ranch 517922012-06-11 the ranch 517952012-06-11 the ranch 518282012-06-11 the ranch 518342012-06-11 the ranch 51812
So grateful for such good friends…and such a beautiful way to soak in the beginning of the summer.

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  1. That looks super fun! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Also, i had a question for you, what kind of camera does Elle have and what lens does she usually use? I am starting photography and ove all your and her work. Thanks!

  2. Is this cabin up in Christopher Creek? My parents own a cabin up there and my dad's late cousin owned the cabin right next to our family's. They invited us over once or twice to hang out and I think this is the same cabin. I could be wrong, it just looks very familiar. Looks like so much fun!

  3. This summer is the first time I jumped off a cliff. I'm with you – I love little jolts like that every once in awhile! Is that The Train Game? I just played that this summer and loved it. Have a great week!

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