Back in the beginning of January Dave and I headed to Utah to see the first two BYU volleyball games of the season (back HERE).
We were like two kids in a candy shop watching that boy of ours warm up with the BYU team.  Sure he’s red-shirting this year, but it’s just so fun to see him out there on that court he’s had on his dream list for a long time.
There was more than just volleyball on that trip though.  We got to hang with those married kids of ours which was pretty fun.  Loved seeing them all nestled into their new place and catching up in person about all that’s going on in their lives. 
Abby and I decided on a whim to hike to the “Y” between her classes and while Max was at practice and Dave was getting some work done.
Much to our surprise, that path I have now hiked quite a few times greeted us with lots of snow.  Hmmm…don’t know why we didn’t think of that.  But we braved it anyway and although it was a little on the slick side, it gave us some pretty beautiful views:
2019 01 11 iPhone 212728
We were in a hustle to get back in time for Abby’s Chinese class but we just kept wanting to get as far as we could in our allotted time.  We thought we’d at least go to turn number three:
2019 01 11 iPhone 212738
But then we decided turn four wasn’t that much further up the slopes…and then turn five.
We ended up making it to six…so close yet so far!  But we had a good time in the process.  
…trying to find new ways to lodge our no-track-shoes in the snow to keep us stable 🙂
2019 01 11 iPhone 212745
I really did win the prize when it comes to daughter-in-laws.
2019 01 11 iPhone 212733
We checked out one of our favorite spots: the BYU art museum.  
If you ever have a chance to be in Provo and have an opportunity to make a trip to this place, then GO!  Because it is always filled with such good things.  Right now it has a cool exhibit by Patrick Dougherty called Windswept.  I thought I recognized this unique kind of sculpturing from something Grace and I saw on our tour of Utah State so I looked it up and it was.  Same guy.  
2019 01 11 iPhone 212764
Loved examining those colossal beauties and wondering how in the world they transported them into that museum.
2019 01 11 iPhone 212768
Found one of my favorite paintings…love this thing so much!
2019 01 11 iPhone 212778
2019 01 11 iPhone 212780
My favorite exhibit though, was the Pulitzer Prize Photo exhibit.
2019 01 11 iPhone 212785
2019 01 11 iPhone 212786
OH MY WORD, there were some emotionally charged photographs in that hall.  Things that I wasn’t allowed to photograph, but things that ripped your heart in two and also others that gave you so much joy.  Things captured on film that are almost sacred in some ways.  I wish with all my heart that exhibit was still going but I think it ended last weekend.
2019 01 11 iPhone 212805
Utah is so pretty.
2019 01 12 iPhone 212850 1
We saw this movie:
2019 01 11 iPhone 212813
It’s called Free Solo for those who don’t recognize that picture.  Oh my word, another thing that sure made me THINK.  The power the human body and the human mind can muster up is quite astounding I have to say.  Loved talking it all over with Max and Abby as we ate our favorite sushi.
Dave and I skied one of the two days we were there.  
2019 01 12 iPhone 212822
It was FREEZING but a pretty great date with this guy.  
2019 01 12 iPhone 212828
We skied by the hotel where we stayed the first night of our honeymoon, which was kind of fun to see:
2019 01 12 iPhone 212837
We also saw Greenbook.  
Green book
Now, for non-movie-going people like all four of us, two movies in two nights was a little crazy 🙂  But they were both so good.  I think Greenbook is my new favorite to be honest.  I LOVE that main character and his inner goodness.  Loved seeing it with these two:
2019 01 13 iPhone 212860
And discussing it all together on the long ride home.
Then, of course, there was the volleyball.
2019 01 10 winter 212576
(More pictures than you’ll ever care to see in that link at the top of this post.:)

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  1. If only I could use Emoji’s in a comment on blogs. Anyway, I so wish I could see that windswept exhibit in person! I’m pretty sure I read in the BYU magazine that most of the exhibit was assembled in the MoA, I guess it would have been to hard to transport.

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