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Homemaking is surely in reality the most important work in the world.
What do ships, railways, mines, cars, government, etc. exist for except that people may be
fed, warmed and safe in their own homes?…The homemaker’s job is one for which all other’s exist.”

–C. S. Lewis

I know there are so many other seemingly glamorous things going on in the world, but I’ve been pondering about the beauty of motherhood, even that old-fashioned “homemaking” C.S. Lewis is talking about.

The messy simplicity of it all, leading to the mired complexity of it all, mixed together as mothers create “new lands” for the rippling unfolding of their posterity.

Caitlin Connolly

I’ve been so overcome with some of the stories of women in our Relief Society organization who are braving new territory as they work to raise their children and give them opportunities they never had. And some of those women we got to meet in Grace’s mission last week too.

Which makes me think of the women who went before me, walking that rocky and often uneven road to change future generations.

The intensity they have put into their jobs as mothers:

How grateful I am for those mothers who have gone before.

Especially this one who “didn’t plan to be a witch:”

So grateful for this mother who worked so hard to raise my husband to be perfect for me:

And this one who raised Abby to be so perfect for Max:

And this one…oh boy she did such a great job raising Carson:

And so many other examples of those who have put such hard work into the messy glory of homemaking, fighting to make beautiful things happen.

I sent this painting out to my Relief Society sisters last night in preparation for Mother’s Day:

Brian Kershisnik

The thing I love very most about it is the very top: those angels guiding, watching over.

When I stop long enough to find quiet, I can feel that. Actually, sometimes I can feel it right smack dab in the middle of chaos.

Because I believe God is there, and loves these children even more than I do.

I believe Heaven is cheering us on as we try to create that “new world,” all those future generations that will go on long after we are gone.

How lucky we are to try to make our own imprint in them any way we can in this best job in the world.

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