…was a success.

Sooooo grateful for these guys who put it all together: 

…along with this guy who helped a ton because he made this event his Eagle project.  

Oh boy, he’s such an on-the-ball kid and I know they were so grateful to have him on board.

Also, the night before the big day the guys realized there was a big, huge mud puddle right in the path where the race was to be run.  One friend brought his bobcat, another brought a ton of dirt and they got that thing taken care of lickety-split.  
I sure wish I had a picture of that:  A bunch of guys working their tails off in the dark.  Dave said it was amazing how they came together and fixed things up so perfectly.
Oh man, people are kind and good I tell you. 
The girls and I had our own tasks to get ready that night here at the house:

It was so fun to watch people pour in in the morning.

These guys worked pretty darn hard to keep up with the amount of people checking in.

A family friend trainer came and gathered the kids to get them all warmed up for the race.  It It was pretty darn cute I must say.
I’m so mad I didn’t get a picture of the whole deal from up high.  There were probably close to 850 people there.  So fun to watch everyone come together for some good causes on a day like Thanksgiving when the spirit is strong and families are together.  
Loved that.

 Let’s get a closer look at those girls…

Love them.

They ran the “Fun Run” one-mile portion as well as the 5-K.

…which was cause for them to be pretty happy with themselves 🙂

Waiting for their runners:

Such great volunteers.  These kids did a ton to help.

…and let’s take note of Max’s new favorite shirt too.

Oh boy.

This is the only running pic. I got of Grace and even though it’s horribly over-exposed I’m posting it.

Because look at the look of joy on those kids’ faces.

That’s why 🙂

We had the best DJ who made the whole ambiance rock.

Some of the sweetest blog readers ever (above and below).

This little cutie sat and hung with Lucy for a while as her mom and I talked about the worry of special needs kids.

Such a great family.

Some of the winners:

One of them was one of my Young Women who I adore…so fun to see her along with so many other people I haven’t seen in forever!

This was after most of the Fun Run and 5-K runners had left but helps to remember a basic idea.

Claire telling Lucy how far she ran (with a lot of animation 🙂

So incredibly grateful for that guy and all the blood and sweat that went into that thing…especially after falling off a roof the week before.

Phew.  What a great day.  Thank you, thank you to everyone who came out to support Brain Food and the I Love Lucy Foundation.  We love you and are forever grateful for you!

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