The turkey trot continues to amaze me each year.  

Amazes me how many good people come out to support.  To work their tails off on a holiday (before and after that morning).  To make a difference for the two charities we support.
And it amazes me how fun it is.  Maybe it’s just me, but it’s a FUN morning packed with so many people we love, so many families all in good spirits, so many good endorphins going.

Loved having these stickers showing up on the backs of so many in the crowds this year:

…helping to remind runners that 100% of donations and registrations go toward two charities, one of which helps save vision.

We were so grateful that our neighbors stepped up to the task of getting the thankful board painted and set up since my brother-in-law’s family had a wedding the day after Thanksgiving and they had to bow out this year.

(They rocked it…not an easy job!)

We did the traditional prep…pulling out all the gear and getting it situated before the big day.

These girls were great helpers too:

HA!  Actually they were studying for Lucy’s test the next day so we’ll take it.

All the thousands of t-shirts got rolled at BrainFood:

 Grace took over the “thankful” writing on the board:

 …with moral support from these sisters:

(This was the day Elle arrived in town)

There’s always a big crowd helping at registration the night before:

Loved that our friends with two BBS kids were involved with us this year.  It was SO awesome to have their help!

(Amy’s the one who really came up with the idea of the stickers to “run for” someone to help save their vision.)

And then, after all that prep and work and effort (mostly by Dave and his six fellow planners), that morning arrived, cloudy and chilly…perfect for a run.

And the board started to get filled as people started to file in.

Love all the friends who came to support.

We could have a whole post just of Lucy’s friends who came with big smiles to run with their families:

(those were just a few representations of the good people who support and love Lu so much)

Our friends from China were in town from Boston and surprised us:

Lucy’s dear teacher from last year showed up again.
And loved having cute Rachel there…Lucy’s BBS friend.

Of course, Bo is always a good addition as well 🙂

We had a new “start line” this year to alleviate the crowds that were too jammed into the outdoor mall last year.
We passed out more stickers and everyone got hyped up with the music.

The Fun Run is first.

Love that Bo Jangles is ready to go right at the front:)

Oh the excitement for the canon to release them to run!

Here they go:

The 5K is next and I got to run it for the second time this year since there were so many people helping at our little Families Fighting Blindness station.

Here are my running partners:

Then back to the finish line party with cousins:


…and more cousins:

Love them all.

This is the best we could do on a big group cousin picture this year:

On to the awards ceremony:

Bo was having the time of her life:

We have a “before” picture with our whole family, but my sis-in-law has it so for now here’s our “after,” which doesn’t include Dave who was busy with all the clean-up duties.

And then there went that wall…packed up again until next year.

…by these great friends I good a great blurry picture of to commemorate.  Ha!

Oh, there’s that guy!

Love him forever.

Here’s a quick video our friends made to show the overall morning.

br />
It was another good one for the books.

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    1. Yes I was going to mention this but I'm so embarrassed people asked last year and I never followed through. If you're interested in a shirt email me at with your address and size. They are $20 and the money will go right to the Bardet-Biedl Family Association.

  1. This is absolutely amazing! Your dedication to fighting blindness and sharing the opportunity with others (while making it fun) is inspirational!

  2. I love that you have so much love and support in your community! That video at the end made me tear up for some reason…maybe because of all the love? The Santa suit? The overall feeling that in a world where hate seems to be highlighted…the GOOD is there…it just doesn't make it on the news as often.
    Thanks for sharing your blog with us!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Husband! Have you ever heard of the app "Be My Eyes"? I as a seeing person have it to help sight impaired folks. I have had a couple of calls where I was able to assist them in figuring out what something was, and what colour something was. I think it gives a sense of independance without having to rely on family 🙂

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