The 2018 Turkey Trot is right around the corner.

Which means that not only are we deep in wedding planning over here, but we are deep into Turkey Trot details.  Dave has the reins on organizing again this year, and that is no small feat I tell you!  The Turkey Trot “dream team” (as I like to call them) is back in full-swing with weekly meetings about new improvements, a new race course to manage the growing crowds (they had to meet with the city about that one), coordinating with police and how to set up and managing how registration and sponsors are going this year.  Phew, lots of stuff.  They are also coordinating with the two charities that 100% of the proceeds go toward, one of them being “Families Fighting Blindness.”

I’m in charge of that part.

And with the help of Dave and a friend who has two kids with BBS we came up with a new idea.  Since there are so many runners I don’t know that people can even really see the signs we’ve been placing along the canal the last few years any more amidst the hoopla…just too many runners! (I posted pictures of all those signs back HERE).  So this year we’re going to hope people who come by our little “Families Fighting Blindness” station will not only learn a little more about BBS and all the things doctors and researchers are doing to save the vision of these kids, but that they’ll be willing to run for one of the kids affected by vision loss.  All this means is that they’re willing to have a sticker on their back that other runners will see to remind them that in doing this run, they are not only having fun, getting ready for a great Thanksgiving dinner, but they are helping to fund research that has the potential to change the lives of these kids.

Elle whipped up the sticker design for us…(one of the benefits to having a daughter majoring in graphic design…thank you Elle Belle! 🙂

We made stickers so people can “run for” seven different kids (although, of course, this symbolized the hundreds and even thousands of kids who could be affected by vision research).

Here are a few:

Doesn’t that just make you want to run for them? 🙂

We have a few other ideas up our sleeves we’re hoping to make work (send along others if you have some!  we’ll take all we can get!)

Let’s end this post with a little pause to enjoy this video Elle made of last year’s race that I love:

(Thank you Elle!)

We love the Turkey Trot and all the goodness that comes along with it!

Click HERE if you want to register to join us…or if you just want to find out more!


  1. I would never stop running if I saw those stickers. I have run the st Jude’s marathon a few times and as we would run through campus there would be tears just streaming down my face as we saw all of these amazing children.

  2. WOW!! I am so impressed with the large scale production this road race is. It is HUGE! I never realized it until I saw the video. I used to run road races (before some life changing health issues), and I am so happy to see that your race is this successful and you have so much great support from the community. Love those stickers! Great job, Elle! Wishing you all the best with the upcoming race. Gilbert was one of my areas on my mission and I would be so curious to see where the route goes. I can't even imagine how much it has grown and changed since I was there.

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