These days were filled up with…stuff! Looking back it feels so short! But then all these pictures make me realize we packed a lot in.

We got to get together with my family for a “Boxing Day extravaganza:”

And also got to be cradled together with our own family up in the mountains:

One of our biggest “happy places.”

the tradition passed down from Dave’s Dad

I have mentioned before that Dave grew up skiing. His dad somehow finagled all nine of those kids to get up to the mountains from the desert, year after year. And that is no easy feat! All the gear, all the complaining about cold, trying to get young kids to straighten skis, all the hustle and bustle.

And I love to think of it. Because it reminds me that all that hustle and bustle and sheer exhaustion that comes with different aspects of parenting can sure have grand results.

Because now Dave and all his siblings are the most beautiful skiers I know. That sure as can be didn’t happen by accident.

So you know that ripple effect of parenting? Well, Dave caught that ski bug. He’s always been willing to go through whatever it took to get our kids skiing.

And his siblings did the same with their kids.

So lots of cousin skiers through the years!

Again, not easy! But I thank my lucky stars every time we’re up in the mountains for Dave’s dad. For that vision he had to get all his kids up on skis.

And for my Dave. Who patiently made it happen for us.

There hadn’t been any snowfall for a long time this year, but being together on those mountains in whatever condition they’re in? Kind of exhilarating I must say.

I love trying to keep up with Dave and all those kids of ours down huge moguls on the face of those hills. I love the different configurations on the ski lifts every time up for different conversations, the delight in all our kids’ eyes.

These two have gone from this:

To this:

And oh I love them.

I love that I got to hang with Murphy a couple of the days to let Abby and Max ski.

Basically, she is the pride and joy of everyone. Always. Oh man we love that little girl. And her mom and dad:)

Boxing Day at BCRANC

BCRANC with all the Eyres was an extravaganza galore. So many people I love piled into one place…

…even on one couch for a while there.

Lu, Murph and I headed over while everyone was skiing, and it was so fun to share that girl with all those enamored adults.

We were there from morning until night.

Loved feeling the love in mom and dad’s preparations and in awe about the heft of all the background efforts to make all that possible.

The special notes and poems, the sweet gifts.

But mostly just the togetherness. I sometimes wonder what I ever did to deserve this family of mine. I loved watching them all love on Murphy, and my big kids loving and playing with those little cousins.

Love that my sister Charity has her twins at least a teeny bit closer in age to Murphy.

Everywhere I looked, little groupings of love.

We did some music:

The delicious food:

Lucy and cousins had a pretty grand time sledding:

My aunt (my mom’s only sister) came to join with a few of her kids in the evening. Love these two sisters!

We played bells conducted by Jared:

Had a white elephant gift exchange:

My mom and Lenna surprised us with a pretty awesome “sisters” dance:

This pile of shoes at the front door was cracking me up:

Muprhy’s pretty delighted about her matching jammies to ours, and look at those awesome great-grandparents:

High School Friend Breakfast

I got to sneak off early one morning to meet my high school friends downtown for our traditional after-Christmas breakfast.

Gosh I love those ladies!

Family time

Dave and I had the grand idea to have each kid take a night while we were up there to make dinner and be in charge of whatever game or activity we did. But in reality, that didn’t work too well since we kept so busy. The married couples did work together to make dinner one night:

And Lucy led some great games.

Some pictures…

The “after-party”

And then, after all that togetherness, our time with us all wrapped up together came to an end. I was more emotional than I thought I’d be about this. Gosh I love these kids. But also so grateful these married ones have other families who love them too.

Elle and Carson left to be with his family for New Years Eve, Max and Abby headed to Provo to help her brother move. Grace’s friend came up and also my brother dropped off his daughter so we had a fun sleepover with them.

We got to go to a night skiing-light-show which was pretty cool:

See Lu and her cousin in with those skiers below?

My parents and my brother Josh came and joined us for Lucy’s home-made enchiladas:

Love them so.

New Years Eve

Max, Abby and Murph came back up to join us for church on Sunday and New Years Eve.

Had a special New Years Eve FHE talking through our highs and lows from 2023. Things we want to improve on too. I loved the feeling in that room.

Then Grace and her friend took Lu and her cousin down with them to Provo for the big night.

It was so strange and calm to have just the five of us to celebrate the new year, and I kinda loved it. We walked over to a close-by hotel and hung out and talked.

Then came back to have dinner, play games, and watch the ball drop.

Special spot in our hearts for Sydney and the special girl that place is holding right now.

Yep, this girl. Joining the throngs in one of the first places to celebrate the new year:

Lucy called at one point a little worried about being apart for New years, and then ended up having the best night in all the land. My nephew’s BeReal with her huge smile surrounded by some nice new friends made my whole new year.

And with that, we wrapped up 2023 forever.

I still can’t believe it’s 2024!

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  1. I could look at pictures of baby Murphy all day. She is a smiley little one. Adorable!

    Glad you had a lovely time with your family. Looks like such a fun group:). Happy New Year!

    1. I could look at Baby Murphy pictures all day too. So grateful Abby is so good at sending them when we’re away. So So grateful!

  2. I love that you get to celebrate Boxing Day even tho you’re in the US.

    I guess that with New Zeland also having Boxing Day that Claire got the day off.

    Do you have crackers on Christmas Day & wear the paper hats?

    Happy New Year to you & your family. x

    1. Good question. Ha! My dad is a romantic at heart and it stands for “Beaver Creek at Narnia Canyon”…a name he made up to spur all our imagination and to make it sound pretty special…which it is!

  3. You are very very blessed with that family of yours! It is extraordinary. I appreciate how aware you are that your family is so special and many others do not have that same situation 😉 Truly just lovely.

    1. Yes I think about this every day. I feel so very grateful not only for this family, but for those who have gone before (grandparents, great grandparents) who have worked so hard to change trajectory for the future generations. How I want to do this for my kids and grandkids!!

  4. I spy self made presents! Did Lexi crochet a sweater for Ashton and a hat for your Dad? Also, what is the neaning behind the lanterns?

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