Was probably one of our very favorites in Shanghai.
My brother Noah was here for his graduate school and my cousin Ben was here for some work things and the timing was perfect to talk over some business options with Dave and Kevin.
But we sure mixed in some serious fun with the business.
We were so grateful to have them for the big baptism day back HERE.  I love Lucy and Claire’s expressions in this picture below.  I have no idea why Lucy was all in a huff, but makes me want to just snuggle her up…which Claire probably did right after this picture.
Noah walked with me and the little girls to school.
Probably the most exciting thing we did was stay overnight at a really, really cool hotel compliments of Dave’s business partner (an early birthday gift since Dave wouldn’t be here for his real birthday).
His family (Dave’s business partner’s) stayed over too and we were like kids in a candy shop with excitement to be there all together just relaxing and soaking it all in.  Made for a few impromptu dance parties:

Some serious karaoke:

…and even a little juggling mixed in.

Ben and Noah introduced us to this game called “Keats” where there are certain actions and everyone has to do them at the same time and if you do the same one as someone else, you are both out.  It narrows down until there’s one winner left.

We also did a whole bunch of “smurfing” which is kind of like a mix between “20 questions” and “psychiatrist” but no limit on the questions and the “smurfing” is a verb (i.e. “tying your shoes” or “breathing”).  One person is trying to figure it out and the group answers their questions only with “yes” or “no.”

We stayed up extra late playing “sardines,” so many great places to hide.

Love this picture of Dave with all his girls:

This was our view:

Loved that that telescope could capture this:

Skyped with Noah’s family (who we get to see at Christmas…yahoo!)

Aside from that pretty glorious night at the hotel, we went out on the town one night, which I already wrote about back HERE.  We ate dumplings and soaked in the glorious views from the huge Shanhgai towers at night.

We crammed in our car to get from place to place.

And we just hung out.

Anything I could write down can’t really do justice for my gratitude for my siblings.  The way my kids look up to Noah (and Ben too!) makes my heart mushy.  How are they so lucky to have these examples in their lives who are so good and kind and stalwart?  I love that these “kids” have grown into such incredible men.  And I think my kids feel it and look up to them so much.  I love love love to watch them interact (at Bear Lake and here and any time we get together).

I just don’t ever want to take that for granted because it is pretty priceless.

The boys and I went running on the Bund one gorgeous, clear morning as the wind whisked through our hair and we talked about the world in general.

Let’s get a closer look at that background:

I love the Bund.

We walked up to the top floor of the Peace Hotel (a famous hotel here) and gazed in wonder at our surroundings from out the window.

Oh, and we also had to make a couple stops at the “fake market” because that’s a must here in Shanghai.

Ben bought us a “selfie stick” which my kids thought was the best thing since sliced bread (and still do!)

I love him forever.

Love that Ben too.

Oh so grateful for “kids” who my family and I look up to in so many ways.

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  1. Curious about the Keats game – are the "rules" you mention all there really is? Tried googling but found nothing and sounds like a family game for all ages – would be grateful to hear more!

  2. Love seeing you two brown-eyed bag poppers together. The pictures are terrific! That Kevin is just a pretty great guy. Lucy made me giggle as she was reading while everyone else was posing by that cute snowman. So many things to see. So many things to remember. Thank goodness you've captured those memories forever!

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