There is something special about conference weekend.

Why do I get so excited to watch hours and hours of talks, you may ask?

I just love having those words of wisdom and encouragement (and also good reminders and things to draw me closer to Christ) wash over me and my family.

I think of all the preparation that goes into all those talks. All the prayers for guidance on what to say. All the heartfelt love they try to pour into their thoughts. All the little nudges and goodness I can feel if I open my heart.

I am grateful.

Anyway, I went into the weekend with some questions all written up, and I learned so much.

But let’s back up and walk through the weekend.

We listened to the Saturday morning conference as we worked our hearts out at home…deep cleaning the porch, the kitchen, Saturday jobs, the kitchen counters spilling out with our job of rolling out the Sunday traditional “conference cinnamon rolls” to have “on the ready” for Sunday.

Then we drove into the Foundation for Blind Children to join in the festivities for the wrap-up of the “March for Sight” we missed the ball on this year (next year is our year!). It was fun to show Grace around that awesome facility and get some smiles from Lucy (who is hesitant at best about this new things we’re trying with all our might to endear her to).

Dave and Lu came home and Claire, Grace and I went looking for prom dresses for Claire.

We came home and finished our work, watched the Women’s Conference, and got to hang out with our friend from college who was visiting and stayed over night both nights:

On Sunday we sat nestled in that couch together and listened, and sang, and loved those messages.

We had some neighbors come over for brunch between sessions:

…and then listened some more:

Grace was SO EXCITED when they announced they’ll be building a temple in AUSTIN, TEXAS!

(Well, the rest of us were pretty excited as well I have to say, but Grace, of course, took the cake:)

Our sweet neighbors invited us over to have Grace tell them all about her mission:

Then that night (last night) was the night we set aside to put Grace in the “hot seat” to tell all the cousins about her mission.

(A Q&A type of thing…this is a tradition we do with Dave’s family I love so much!)

It’s always good to get together with cousins any time we can, and I loved hearing more details about Grace’s mission I hadn’t even heard yet.

And that wraps up a weekend full of “feasting” of every kind.

Mostly the spiritual mission kind, but yikes if those conference cinnamon rolls aren’t enough, I have this new brownie recipe I cannot get enough of…I’ll have to share it soon!

Anyway, some of my favorite conference talks:

Elder Andersen (Peaceable followers of Christ)

Elder Christofferson (God’s blessings are not “transactional”)

Amy Wright (we must INTENTIONALLY choose Him over and over again)

Mark Pace (conversion must be our own)

Elder Soares (never cease to be astonished…I have loved that thought for a long time)

And so many others I didn’t sit down and take notes on.

You can find all those talks intermixed with their whole sessions over HERE…soon they will have them broken down by speaker.

And also, in addition to the new Austin temple (and many others), they are building a temple in MONTPELIER, IDAHO! The little town where my mom grew up and that we adore right next to Bear Lake.


It was a good (and filled-up-to-the-brim) weekend.

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