Yep, Grace took on the challenge to become the new treasurer of her elementary school.

And she won!

We haven’t really done this “campaign” deal before because Max and Elle never took the bait. But Grace caught on and ran with it and I have to admit I think it was kinda fun.

We made this thing for her posters thanks so some inspiration from some of my cute Young Women:
(We had fun making it…she was the graphic designer telling me what part should be what color, what should be tweaked or made bigger or smaller. That girl knows what she wants:)

I swear I was more nervous than she was for her talk. Especially since I was the music technician for the music that was supposed to play and boy howdy was I ever shaking trying to get that darn iPod to work.
After 30 seconds of fumbling around it finally came on and a recording of “Bandito” from the play we loved at Bear Lake last summer introduced her.

She did a beautiful job despite claiming afterwards that she was “really nervous and really scared and shaking like, a LOT.” She talked about five things that would make her a good treasurer…and each thing just happened to start with a letter from her name (i.e. “G” for “go-getter,” “R” for “radiant,” etc.)
(She wore sunglasses during the “Bandito” part.)

These are her friends who ran for other offices with her. One won for the president and one for Secretary:
Needless to say, she’s pretty excited to be a student body officer next year!!

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  1. Grace, We are just so proud of you, not just for winning but for trying and putting so much good effort into it. You will always be a "winner" to us! Love you girl!

  2. To life and Abbey, I just looked up images of a 100 bill online and copied one into photoshop and pasted that picture of Grace into it and made it huge.
    Love, Shawni

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